Nature Physics

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    Topological insulators in Bi2Se3, Bi2Te3 and Sb2Te3 with a single Dirac cone on the surface
    H Zhang, CX Liu, XL Qi, X Dai, Z Fang, SC Zhang
    Observation of a large-gap topological-insulator class with a single Dirac cone on the surface
    Y Xia, D Qian, D Hsieh, L Wray, A Pal, H Lin, A Bansil, D Grauer, YS Hor, ...
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    Quasiparticle dynamics in graphene
    A Bostwick, T Ohta, T Seyller, K Horn, E Rotenberg
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    Observation of electron–hole puddles in graphene using a scanning single-electron transistor
    J Martin, N Akerman, G Ulbricht, T Lohmann, JH Smet, K von Klitzing, ...
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    Attosecond science
    PB Corkum, F Krausz
    Nature Physics 3 (6), 381-387
    Challenges for semiconductor spintronics
    DD Awschalom, ME Flatté
    Nature Physics 3 (3), 153-159
    Charged-impurity scattering in graphene
    JH Chen, C Jang, S Adam, MS Fuhrer, ED Williams, M Ishigami
    Nature Physics 4 (5), 377-381
    Experimental entanglement of six photons in graph states
    CY Lu, XQ Zhou, O Gühne, WB Gao, J Zhang, ZS Yuan, A Goebel, T Yang, ...
    Nature Physics 3 (2), 91-95
    Spin qubits in graphene quantum dots
    B Trauzettel, DV Bulaev, D Loss, G Burkard
    Nature Physics 3 (3), 192-196
    Quantum criticality in heavy-fermion metals
    P Gegenwart, Q Si, F Steglich
    Nature Physics 4 (3), 186-197
    Electrical detection of spin transport in lateral ferromagnet–semiconductor devices
    X Lou, C Adelmann, SA Crooker, ES Garlid, J Zhang, KSM Reddy, ...
    Nature Physics 3 (3), 197-202
    Valley filter and valley valve in graphene
    JT A Rycerz
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    A single-photon transistor using nanoscale surface plasmons
    DE Chang, AS Sørensen, EA Demler, MD Lukin
    Nature Physics 3 (11), 807-812
    Quantum interference and Klein tunnelling in graphene heterojunctions
    AF Young, P Kim
    Nature Physics 5 (3), 222-226
    Entanglement-based quantum communication over 144 km
    R Ursin, F Tiefenbacher, T Schmitt-Manderbach, H Weier, T Scheidl, ...
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    Mapping surface plasmons on a single metallic nanoparticle
    J Nelayah, M Kociak, O Stéphan, FJG de Abajo, M Tencé, L Henrard, ...
    Nature Physics 3 (5), 348-353
    Optical magnetometry
    D Budker, M Romalis
    Nature Physics 3 (4), 227-234
    Dirac charge dynamics in graphene by infrared spectroscopy
    ZQ Li, EA Henriksen, Z Jiang, Z Hao, MC Martin, P Kim, HL Stormer, ...
    Nature Physics 4 (7), 532-535
    Twisted photons
    G Molina-Terriza, JP Torres, L Torner
    Nature Physics 3 (5), 305-310
    Observation of Rydberg blockade between two atoms
    E Urban, TA Johnson, T Henage, L Isenhower, DD Yavuz, TG Walker, ...
    Nature Physics 5 (2), 110-114
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