Nature Methods

    Title / AuthorCited byYear
    Mapping and quantifying mammalian transcriptomes by RNA-Seq
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    Target-decoy search strategy for increased confidence in large-scale protein identifications by mass spectrometry
    JE Elias, SP Gygi
    Nature Methods 4 (3), 207-214
    Genome-wide profiles of STAT1 DNA association using chromatin immunoprecipitation and massively parallel sequencing
    G Robertson, M Hirst, M Bainbridge, M Bilenky, Y Zhao, T Zeng, ...
    Nature Methods 4 (8), 651-657
    MicroRNA sponges: competitive inhibitors of small RNAs in mammalian cells
    MS Ebert, JR Neilson, PA Sharp
    Nature Methods 4 (9), 721-726
    Stem cell transcriptome profiling via massive-scale mRNA sequencing
    N Cloonan, ARR Forrest, G Kolle, BBA Gardiner, GJ Faulkner, MK Brown, ...
    Nature Methods 5 (7), 613-619
    Quantum dots versus organic dyes as fluorescent labels
    U Resch-Genger, M Grabolle, S Cavaliere-Jaricot, R Nitschke, T Nann
    Nature Methods 5 (9), 763-775
    A method and server for predicting damaging missense mutations
    IA Adzhubei, S Schmidt, L Peshkin, VE Ramensky, A Gerasimova, P Bork, ...
    Nature Methods 7 (4), 248-249
    Next-generation sequencing transforms today's biology.
    SC Schuster
    Nature methods 5 (1), 16
    Reproducible isolation of distinct, overlapping segments of the phosphoproteome
    B Bodenmiller, LN Mueller, M Mueller, B Domon, R Aebersold
    Nature Methods 4 (3), 231-237
    Analysis and validation of proteomic data generated by tandem mass spectrometry
    AI Nesvizhskii, O Vitek, R Aebersold
    Nature Methods 4 (10), 787-797
    Direct selection of human genomic loci by microarray hybridization
    TJ Albert, MN Molla, DM Muzny, L Nazareth, D Wheeler, X Song, ...
    Nature Methods 4 (11), 903-905
    Error-correcting barcoded primers for pyrosequencing hundreds of samples in multiplex
    M Hamady, JJ Walker, JK Harris, NJ Gold, R Knight
    Nature Methods 5 (3), 235-237
    A practical guide to single-molecule FRET
    R Roy, S Hohng, T Ha
    Nature Methods 5 (6), 507-516
    Whole-genome sequencing and variant discovery in C. elegans
    LDW Hillier, GT Marth, AR Quinlan, D Dooling, G Fewell, D Barnett, P Fox, ...
    Nature Methods 5 (2), 183-188
    Single-molecule force spectroscopy: optical tweezers, magnetic tweezers and atomic force microscopy
    KC Neuman, A Nagy
    Nature Methods 5 (6), 491-505
    Genome-wide analysis of transcription factor binding sites based on ChIP-Seq data
    A Valouev, DS Johnson, A Sundquist, C Medina, E Anton, S Batzoglou, ...
    Nature Methods 5 (9), 829-834
    Microscopy and its focal switch
    SW Hell
    Nature Methods 6 (1), 24-32
    Whispering-gallery-mode biosensing: label-free detection down to single molecules
    F Vollmer, S Arnold
    Nature Methods 5 (7), 591-596
    SNP discovery and allele frequency estimation by deep sequencing of reduced representation libraries
    CP Van Tassell, TPL Smith, LK Matukumalli, JF Taylor, RD Schnabel, ...
    Nature Methods 5 (3), 247-252
    Mapping protein post-translational modifications with mass spectrometry
    ES Witze, WM Old, KA Resing, NG Ahn
    Nature Methods 4 (10), 798-806
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