Nature Medicine

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    Amyloid-β protein dimers isolated directly from Alzheimer's brains impair synaptic plasticity and memory
    GM Shankar, S Li, TH Mehta, A Garcia-Munoz, NE Shepardson, I Smith, ...
    Nature Medicine 14 (8), 837-842
    Artificially engineered magnetic nanoparticles for ultra-sensitive molecular imaging.
    JH Lee, YM Huh, YW Jun, JW Seo, JT Jang, HT Song, S Kim, EJ Cho, ...
    Nature medicine 13 (1), 95
    Toll-like receptor 4–dependent contribution of the immune system to anticancer chemotherapy and radiotherapy
    L Apetoh, F Ghiringhelli, A Tesniere, M Obeid, C Ortiz, A Criollo, G Mignot, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (9), 1050-1059
    MicroRNA-133 controls cardiac hypertrophy
    A Carè, D Catalucci, F Felicetti, D Bonci, A Addario, P Gallo, ML Bang, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (5), 613-618
    Activation of mGlu2/3 receptors as a new approach to treat schizophrenia: a randomized Phase 2 clinical trial
    ST Patil, L Zhang, F Martenyi, SL Lowe, KA Jackson, BV Andreev, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (9), 1102-1107
    Calreticulin exposure dictates the immunogenicity of cancer cell death.
    M Obeid, A Tesniere, F Ghiringhelli, GM Fimia, L Apetoh, JL Perfettini, ...
    Nature medicine 13 (1), 54
    CD8+ T-cell responses to different HIV proteins have discordant associations with viral load.
    P Kiepiela, K Ngumbela, C Thobakgale, D Ramduth, I Honeyborne, ...
    Nature medicine 13 (1), 46
    Perfusion-decellularized matrix: using nature's platform to engineer a bioartificial heart
    HC Ott, TS Matthiesen, SK Goh, LD Black, SM Kren, TI Netoff, DA Taylor
    Nature Medicine 14 (2), 213-221
    Multifunctional TH1 cells define a correlate of vaccine-mediated protection against Leishmania major
    PA Darrah, DT Patel, PM De Luca, RWB Lindsay, DF Davey, BJ Flynn, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (7), 843-850
    The muscle-specific microRNA miR-1 regulates cardiac arrhythmogenic potential by targeting GJA1 and KCNJ2
    B Yang, H Lin, J Xiao, Y Lu, X Luo, B Li, Y Zhang, C Xu, Y Bai, H Wang, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (4), 486-491
    Dickkopf-1 is a master regulator of joint remodeling
    D Diarra, M Stolina, K Polzer, J Zwerina, MS Ominsky, D Dwyer, A Korb, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (2), 156-163
    A brief history of TH17, the first major revision in the TH1/TH2 hypothesis of T cell–mediated tissue damage
    L Steinman
    Nature Medicine 13 (2), 139-145
    Targeted disruption of AdipoR1 and AdipoR2 causes abrogation of adiponectin binding and metabolic actions
    T Yamauchi, Y Nio, T Maki, M Kobayashi, T Takazawa, M Iwabu, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (3), 332-339
    Human TH17 lymphocytes promote blood-brain barrier disruption and central nervous system inflammation
    H Kebir, K Kreymborg, I Ifergan, A Dodelet-Devillers, R Cayrol, M Bernard, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (10), 1173-1175
    IL-22 mediates mucosal host defense against Gram-negative bacterial pneumonia
    SJ Aujla, YR Chan, M Zheng, M Fei, DJ Askew, DA Pociask, TA Reinhart, ...
    Nature Medicine 14 (3), 275-281
    Interleukin-22 mediates early host defense against attaching and effacing bacterial pathogens
    Y Zheng, PA Valdez, DM Danilenko, Y Hu, SM Sa, Q Gong, AR Abbas, ...
    Nature Medicine 14 (3), 282-289
    Stromal gene expression predicts clinical outcome in breast cancer
    G Finak, N Bertos, F Pepin, S Sadekova, M Souleimanova, H Zhao, ...
    Nature Medicine 14 (5), 518-527
    Classification and prediction of clinical Alzheimer's diagnosis based on plasma signaling proteins
    S Ray, M Britschgi, C Herbert, Y Takeda-Uchimura, A Boxer, K Blennow, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (11), 1359-1362
    Myelin-specific regulatory T cells accumulate in the CNS but fail to control autoimmune inflammation
    T Korn, J Reddy, W Gao, E Bettelli, A Awasthi, TR Petersen, BT Bäckström, ...
    Nature Medicine 13 (4), 423-431
    Therapeutic targeting of innate immunity with Toll-like receptor agonists and antagonists
    H Kanzler, FJ Barrat, EM Hessel, RL Coffman
    Nature Medicine 13 (5), 552-559
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