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How many walking and cycling trips made by elderly are beyond commonly used buffer sizes: Results from a GPS study
RG Prins, F Pierik, A Etman, RP Sterkenburg, CBM Kamphuis, ...
Health & Place 27, 127-133
Characteristics of residential areas and transportational walking among frail and non-frail Dutch elderly: does the size of the area matter?
A Etman, CB Kamphuis, RG Prins, A Burdorf, FH Pierik, FJ van Lenthe
International Journal of Health Geographics 13 (1), 7
The population and high-risk approaches to prevention: quantitative estimates of their contribution to population health in the Netherlands, 1970–2010
JP Mackenbach, HF Lingsma, NT van Ravesteyn, CBM Kamphuis
The European Journal of Public Health 23 (6), 909-915
Urban Form and Psychosocial Factors: Do They Interact for Leisure-Time Walking?
MA Beenackers, CBM Kamphuis, RG Prins, JP Mackenbach, A Burdorf, ...
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
Cohort Profile: Understanding socioeconomic inequalities in health and health behaviours: The GLOBE study
FJ van Lenthe, CBM Kamphuis, MA Beenackers, T Jansen, CWN Looman, ...
International Journal of Epidemiology
Why some walk and others don't: exploring interactions of perceived safety and social neighborhood factors with psychosocial cognitions
MA Beenackers, CBM Kamphuis, JP Mackenbach, A Burdorf, ...
Health education research 28 (2), 220-233
Life course socioeconomic conditions, adulthood risk factors and cardiovascular mortality among men and women: A 17-year follow up of the GLOBE study
CBM Kamphuis, G Turrell, K Giskes, JP Mackenbach, FJ van Lenthe
International Journal of Cardiology
Explaining sociodemographic differences in disengagement from sports in adolescence
RG Prins, CBM Kamphuis, P van Empelen, MA Beenackers, J Brug, ...
Eur J Public Health.
Socioeconomic Differences in Physical Activity: The Role of Neighbourhood Factors
C Kamphuis, F van Lenthe
Neighbourhood Structure and Health Promotion, 223-248
Educational inequalities in cancer survival: a role for comorbidities and health behaviours?
MJ Aarts, CBM Kamphuis, MJ Louwman, JW Coebergh, JP Mackenbach, ...
Journal of epidemiology and community health
Socioeconomic inequalities in cardiovascular mortality and the role of childhood socioeconomic conditions and adulthood risk factors: a prospective cohort study with 17-years of follow up
CBM Kamphuis, G Turrell, K Giskes, JP Mackenbach, FJ van Lenthe
BMC Public Health 12 (1), 1045
Socioeconomic inequalities in occupational, leisure-time, and transport related physical activity among European adults: A systematic review
MA Beenackers, CBM Kamphuis, K Giskes, J Brug, AE Kunst, A Burdorf, ...
International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity 9 (1), 116
Increased risk of exceeding entertainment-media guidelines in preschool children from low socioeconomic background: The Generation R Study
AI Wijtzes, W Jansen, CBM Kamphuis, VWV Jaddoe, HA Moll, H Tiemeier, ...
Preventive Medicine
Taking Up Cycling After Residential Relocation: Built Environment Factors
MA Beenackers, S Foster, CBM Kamphuis, S Titze, M Divitini, M Knuiman, ...
American Journal of Preventive Medicine 42 (6), 610-615
Associations between neighbourhood and household environmental variables and fruit consumption: exploration of mediation by individual cognitions and habit strength in the GLOBE study
NI Tak, SJ te Velde, CBM Kamphuis, K Ball, D Crawford, J Brug, ...
Public Health Nutrition 1 (1), 1-10
Educational inequalities in general and mental health: differential contribution of physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption and diet
N Kurtze, TA Eikemo, CBM Kamphuis
The European Journal of Public Health
Explaining socio-economic inequalities in daily smoking: a social–ecological approach
M Huisman, FJ Van Lenthe, K Giskes, CBM Kamphuis, J Brug, ...
The European Journal of Public Health 22 (2), 238-243
Mismatched perceptions of neighbourhood walkability: need for interventions?
FJ van Lenthe, CBM Kamphuis
Health & Place
P1-394 Healthy commuting: individual cognitions and neighbourhood factors associated with walking and cycling to work
M Beenackers, C Kamphuis, F van Lenthe
Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 65 (Suppl 1), A176-A176
Sports participation, perceived neighborhood safety, and individual cognitions: how do they interact?
MA Beenackers, CBM Kamphuis, A Burdorf, JP Mackenbach, ...
The international journal of behavioral nutrition and physical activity 8, 76
 5 2011
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