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Acceleration of the contribution of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets to sea level rise
E Rignot, I Velicogna, MR Van den Broeke, A Monaghan, JTM Lenaerts
Geophysical Research Letters 38 (5)
A reconciled estimate of ice-sheet mass balance
A Shepherd, ER Ivins, A Geruo, VR Barletta, MJ Bentley, S Bettadpur, ...
Science 338 (6111), 1183-1189
A new, high resolution surface mass balance map of Antarctica (1979-2010) based on regional climate modeling
JTM Lenaerts, MR van den Broeke, WJ van de Berg, E van Meijgaard, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 39, 1-5
Mass balance of Greenlands three largest outlet glaciers, 2000-2010
IM Howat, Y Ahn, I Joughin, MR van den Broeke, JTM Lenaerts, B Smith
Geophys. Res. Lett. 38, L12501
Estimating Greenland ice sheet surface mass balance contribution to future sea level rise using the regional atmospheric climate model MAR
X Fettweis, B Franco, M Tedesco, JH Van Angelen, JTM Lenaerts, ...
The Cryosphere Discussions 6 (4), 3101-3147
Modeling drifting snow in Antarctica with a regional climate model: 2. Results
JTM Lenaerts, MR den Broeke
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984–2012) 117 (D5)
 36 2012
Modeling drifting snow in Antarctica with a regional climate model: 1. Methods and model evaluation
JTM Lenaerts, MR den Broeke, SJ Déry, E Meijgaard, WJ Berg, SP Palm, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984–2012) 117 (D5)
A new albedo parameterization for use in climate models over the Antarctic ice sheet
P Kuipers Munneke, MR Van den Broeke, JTM Lenaerts, MG Flanner, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (1984–2012) 116 (D5)
Sensitivity of Greenland Ice Sheet surface mass balance to surface albedo parameterization: a study with a regional climate model
JH van Angelen, JTM Lenaerts, S Lhermitte, X Fettweis, PK Munneke, ...
The Cryosphere 6
Ice sheets and sea level: Thinking outside the box
MR Van den Broeke, J Bamber, J Lenaerts, E Rignot
Surveys in geophysics 32 (4-5), 495-505
Recent large increases in freshwater fluxes from Greenland into the North Atlantic
J Bamber, M den Broeke, J Ettema, J Lenaerts, E Rignot
Geophysical Research Letters 39 (19)
Modelling snowdrift sublimation on an Antarctic ice shelf
JTM Lenaerts, MR Van den Broeke, SJ Déry, G König-Langlo, J Ettema, ...
The Cryosphere 4 (2), 179-190
A 40-year accumulation dataset for Adelie Land, Antarctica and its application for model validation
C Agosta, V Favier, C Genthon, H Gallée, G Krinner, JTM Lenaerts, ...
Climate dynamics 38 (1-2), 75-86
Oceanic controls on the mass balance of Wilkins Ice Shelf, Antarctica
L Padman, DP Costa, MS Dinniman, HA Fricker, ME Goebel, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans (1978–2012) 117 (C1)
Insignificant change in Antarctic snowmelt volume since 1979
P Kuipers Munneke, G Picard, MR den Broeke, JTM Lenaerts, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 39 (1)
Extent of low-accumulation'wind glaze'areas on the East Antarctic plateau: implications for continental ice mass balance
TA Scambos, M Frezzotti, T Haran, J Bohlander, JTM Lenaerts, ...
Journal of Glaciology 58 (210), 633-647
Surface energy balance, melt and sublimation at Neumayer Station, East Antarctica
M Van Den Broeke, G König-Langlo, G Picard, P Kuipers Munneke, ...
Antarctic science 22 (01), 87-96
Irreversible mass loss of Canadian Arctic Archipelago glaciers
J Lenaerts, JH Angelen, MR Broeke, AS Gardner, B Wouters, E Meijgaard
Geophysical Research Letters 40 (5), 870-874
Calving fluxes and basal melt rates of Antarctic ice shelves
MA Depoorter, JL Bamber, JA Griggs, JTM Lenaerts, SRM Ligtenberg, ...
Limits in detecting acceleration of ice sheet mass loss due to climate variability
B Wouters, JL Bamber, MR van den Broeke, JTM Lenaerts, I Sasgen
Nature Geoscience 6 (8), 613-616
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