Paul B White
Paul B White
NMR Staff Scientist
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Ligand-promoted palladium-catalyzed aerobic oxidation reactions
D Wang, AB Weinstein, PB White, SS Stahl
Chemical reviews 118 (5), 2636-2679, 2017
Allylic C− H acetoxylation with a 4, 5-diazafluorenone-ligated palladium catalyst: A ligand-based strategy to achieve aerobic catalytic turnover
AN Campbell, PB White, IA Guzei, SS Stahl
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (43), 15116-15119, 2010
Self-propelled supramolecular nanomotors with temperature-responsive speed regulation
Y Tu, F Peng, X Sui, Y Men, PB White, JCM van Hest, DA Wilson
Nature chemistry 9 (5), 480-486, 2017
Multicolor photoluminescence including white-light emission by a single host–guest complex
QW Zhang, D Li, X Li, PB White, J Mecinović, X Ma, H Ĺgren, RJM Nolte, ...
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Self‐destroyed Redox‐sensitive Stomatocyte Nanomotor
Y Tu, F Peng, PB White, DA Wilson
Angewandte Chemie, 2017
Enantioselective Pd (II)-catalyzed aerobic oxidative amidation of alkenes and insights into the role of electronic asymmetry in pyridine-oxazoline ligands
RI McDonald, PB White, AB Weinstein, CP Tam, SS Stahl
Organic letters 13 (11), 2830-2833, 2011
Redox‐Sensitive Stomatocyte Nanomotors: Destruction and Drug Release in the Presence of Glutathione
Y Tu, F Peng, PB White, DA Wilson
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (26), 7620-7624, 2017
Characterization of DMSO Coordination to Palladium(II) in Solution and Insights into the Aerobic Oxidation Catalyst, Pd(DMSO)2(TFA)2
T Diao, P White, I Guzei, SS Stahl
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Water–polysaccharide interactions in the primary cell wall of Arabidopsis thaliana from polarization transfer solid-state NMR
PB White, T Wang, YB Park, DJ Cosgrove, M Hong
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (29), 10399-10409, 2014
Reversible alkene insertion into the Pd–N bond of Pd (II)-sulfonamidates and implications for catalytic amidation reactions
PB White, SS Stahl
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (46), 18594-18597, 2011
Stereoselective β‐Mannosylation by Neighboring‐Group Participation
H Elferink, RA Mensink, PB White, TJ Boltje
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (37), 11217-11220, 2016
Lewis Acid Enabled Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of Chiral β-Substituted Amides
M Rodríguez-Fernández, X Yan, JF Collados, PB White, SR Harutyunyan
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (40), 14224-14231, 2017
Diazafluorenone-Promoted Oxidation Catalysis: Insights into the Role of Bidentate Ligands in Pd-Catalyzed Aerobic Aza-Wacker Reactions
PB White, JN Jaworski, GH Zhu, SS Stahl
ACS catalysis 6 (5), 3340-3348, 2016
Structurally Diverse Diazafluorene-Ligated Palladium (II) Complexes and Their Implications for Aerobic Oxidation Reactions
PB White, JN Jaworski, CG Fry, BS Dolinar, IA Guzei, SS Stahl
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (14), 4869-4880, 2016
Multicore Liquid Perfluorocarbon‐Loaded Multimodal Nanoparticles for Stable Ultrasound and 19F MRI Applied to In Vivo Cell Tracking
O Koshkina, G Lajoinie, F Baldelli Bombelli, E Swider, LJ Cruz, PB White, ...
Advanced functional materials 29 (19), 1806485, 2019
Chemical ligation of the influenza M2 protein for solid‐state NMR characterization of the cytoplasmic domain
B Kwon, D Tietze, PB White, SY Liao, M Hong
Protein Science 24 (7), 1087-1099, 2015
Structure and Isotope Effects of the β‐H Agostic (α‐Diimine) Nickel Cation as a Polymerization Intermediate
H Xu, PB White, C Hu, T Diao
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (6), 1535-1538, 2017
Bicyclic RGD-peptides with Exquisite Selectivity for the Integrin αvβ3 Receptor using a ‘Random Design’Approach
D Bernhagen, V Jungbluth, N Gisbert Quilis, J Dostalek, PB White, ...
ACS Combinatorial Science, 2019
A manganese porphyrin–α-cyclodextrin conjugate as an artificial enzyme for the catalytic epoxidation of polybutadiene
QW Zhang, JAAW Elemans, PB White, RJM Nolte
Chemical Communications 54 (44), 5586-5589, 2018
Mechanistic Studies of Wacker-Type Amidocyclization of Alkenes Catalyzed by (IMes)Pd(TFA)2(H2O): Kinetic and Stereochemical Implications of Proton Transfer
X Ye, PB White, SS Stahl
The Journal of organic chemistry 78 (5), 2083-2090, 2012
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