Gokcen Birlik Demirel
Gokcen Birlik Demirel
Professor of Chemistry, Ankara Hacı Bayram Veli University
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Geciteerd door
Extremely fast and highly selective detection of nitroaromatic explosive vapours using fluorescent polymer thin films
GB Demirel, B Daglar, M Bayindir
Chemical communications 49 (55), 6140-6142, 2013
Polymeric nanocarriers for expected nanomedicine: current challenges and future prospects
B Daglar, E Ozgur, ME Corman, L Uzun, GB Demirel
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et al. Adem Yildirim, Gokcen Birlik Demirel, Rengin Erdem, Berna Senturk
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Morphological Versatility in the Self-Assembly of Val-Ala and Ala-Val Dipeptides
GD Hakan Erdogan, Esra Babur, Mehmet Yilmaz, Elif Candas, Merve Gordesel ...
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Preparation and Swelling Properties of Temperature‐Sensitive Semi‐Interpenetrating Polymer Networks Composed of Poly [(N‐tert‐butylacrylamide)‐co‐acrylamide] and Hydroxypropyl …
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Anemone-like nanostructures for non-lithographic, reproducible, large-area, and ultra-sensitive SERS substrates
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Injectable and self-healable pH-responsive gelatin–PEG/laponite hybrid hydrogels as long-acting implants for local cancer treatment
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Effect of pore-forming agent type on swelling properties of macroporous poly (N-[3-(dimethylaminopropyl)]-methacrylamide-co-acrylamide) hydrogels
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Photocontrollable DNA hybridization on reversibly photoresponsive surfaces
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Nanoporous Polymeric Nanofibers Based on Selectively Etched PS-b-PDMS Block Copolymers
GB Demirel, F Buyukserin, MA Morris, G Demirel
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4 (1), 280-285, 2012
An ab initio study of 3-aminopropyltrimethoxysilane molecule on Si (1 1 1)-(3× 3) surface
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Surface science 601 (18), 3740-3744, 2007
Folic Acid Conjugated pH and Redox-Sensitive Ellipsoidal Hybrid Magnetic Nanoparticles for Dual-Triggered Drug Release
G Birlik Demirel, E Aygul, A Dag, S Atasoy, Z Cimen, B Cetin
ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2020
Swelling characteristics of poly (N‐isopropylmethacrylamide‐co‐itaconic acid) gels prepared in various conditions
A Vakıflı, GB Demirel, T Caykara
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DNA adsorption on poly (N, N‐dimethylacrylamide)‐grafted chitosan hydrogels
B Başer, GB Demirel, T Caykara
Journal of applied polymer science 120 (3), 1420-1425, 2011
DNA immobilization on polymer-modified Si surface by controlling pH
GB Demirel, T Caykara
Applied surface science 255 (13-14), 6571-6576, 2009
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