Chongyue Yi
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Ultrafast formation of interlayer hot excitons in atomically thin MoS 2/WS 2 heterostructures
H Chen, X Wen, J Zhang, T Wu, Y Gong, X Zhang, J Yuan, C Yi, J Lou, ...
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Temperature-Dependent Photoluminescence of Structurally-Precise Quantum-Confined Au25(SC8H9)18 and Au38(SC12H25)24 Metal Nanoparticles
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Optomechanics of single aluminum nanodisks
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Nanometals: identifying the onset of metallic relaxation dynamics in monolayer-protected gold clusters using femtosecond spectroscopy
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Vibrational coupling in plasmonic molecules
C Yi, PD Dongare, MN Su, W Wang, D Chakraborty, F Wen, WS Chang, ...
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Ligand- and Solvent-Dependent Electronic Relaxation Dynamics of Au25(SR)18 Monolayer-Protected Clusters
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Panchromatic Light Harvesting and Hot Electron Injection by Ru(II) Dipyrrinates on a TiO2 Surface
G Li, K Hu, C Yi, KL Knappenberger Jr, GJ Meyer, SI Gorelsky, M Shatruk
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Polycrystallinity of lithographically fabricated plasmonic nanostructures dominates their acoustic vibrational damping
C Yi, MN Su, PD Dongare, D Chakraborty, YY Cai, DM Marolf, RN Kress, ...
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Dynamic diglyme-mediated self-assembly of gold nanoclusters
WS Compel, OA Wong, X Chen, C Yi, R Geiss, H Hakkinen, ...
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Ultrafast probes of electron–hole transitions between two atomic layers
X Wen, H Chen, T Wu, Z Yu, Q Yang, J Deng, Z Liu, X Guo, J Guan, ...
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Characterization of Emissive States for Structurally Precise Au25(SC8H9)180 Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoclusters Using Magnetophotoluminescence …
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The influence of surface passivation on electronic energy relaxation dynamics of CdSe and CdSe/CdS nanocrystals studied using visible and near infrared transient absorption …
C Yi, KL Knappenberger
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Dissecting charge relaxation pathways in CdSe/CdS nanocrystals using femtosecond two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy
JW Jarrett, C Yi, T Stoll, J Rehault, A Oriana, F Branchi, G Cerullo, ...
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Distinguishing Förster resonance energy transfer and solvent-mediated charge-transfer relaxation dynamics in a zinc (II) indicator: a femtosecond time-resolved transient …
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Sensitization effects of supramolecular assemblies on the luminescence of terbium-ion prulifloxacin complexes
H Wang, C Yi, X Li, F Fang, Y Yang
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Relaxation Dynamics of Electronically Coupled Au20(SC8H9)15-n-glyme-Au20(SC8H9)15 Monolayer-Protected Cluster Dimers
PJ Herbert, C Yi, WS Compel, CJ Ackerson, KL Knappenberger Jr
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (33), 19251-19258, 2018
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