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Dardo Andrea Marti
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Can amphibians take the heat? Vulnerability to climate warming in subtropical and temperate larval amphibian communities
H Duarte, M Tejedo, M Katzenberger, F Marangoni, D Baldo, JF Beltrán, ...
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Subterranean rodents of the genus Ctenomys (Caviomorpha, Ctenomyidae) follow the converse to Bergmann's rule
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Dichroplus vittatus (Orthoptera: Acrididae) follows the converse to Bergmann's rule although male morphological variability increases with latitude
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Eight Million Years of Satellite DNA Evolution in Grasshoppers of the Genus Schistocerca Illuminate the Ins and Outs of the Library Hypothesis
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Male and Female Meiosis in a Natural Population of Dichroplus Pratensis (Acrididae) Polymorphic for Robertsonian Translocations: A Study of Chiasma Frequency …
DA Marti, CJ Bidau
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Effects of abiotic factors on the geographic distribution of body size variation and chromosomal polymorphisms in two neotropical grasshopper species (Dichroplus: Melanoplinae …
CJ Bidau, CI Mino, ER Castillo, DA Martí
Psyche 2012, 2012
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