Freek van Ede
Freek van Ede
University of Oxford, Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity
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Prior expectation mediates neural adaptation to repeated sounds in the auditory cortex: an MEG study
A Todorovic, F van Ede, E Maris, FP de Lange
Journal of Neuroscience 31 (25), 9118-9123, 2011
Orienting attention to an upcoming tactile event involves a spatially and temporally specific modulation of sensorimotor alpha- and beta-band oscillations
F van Ede, F de Lange, O Jensen, E Maris
The Journal of neuroscience 31 (6), 2016-2024, 2011
Tactile expectation modulates pre-stimulus β-band oscillations in human sensorimotor cortex
F van Ede, O Jensen, E Maris
Neuroimage 51 (2), 867-876, 2010
Anticipated moments: temporal structure in attention
AC Nobre, F van Ede
Nature Reviews Neuroscience 19, 34-48, 2018
Attentional cues affect accuracy and reaction time via different cognitive and neural processes
F van Ede, FP de Lange, E Maris
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (30), 10408-10412, 2012
Diverse phase relations among neuronal rhythms and their potential function
E Maris, P Fries, F van Ede
Trends in Neurosciences 39 (2), 86-99, 2016
Attentional modulations of somatosensory alpha, beta and gamma oscillations dissociate between anticipation and stimulus processing
F van Ede, S Szebényi, E Maris
NeuroImage 97, 134-141, 2014
Joint action modulates motor system involvement during action observation in 3-year-olds
M Meyer, S Hunnius, M van Elk, F van Ede, H Bekkering
Experimental Brain Research 211 (3-4), 581-592, 2011
Temporal expectation and attention jointly modulate auditory oscillatory activity in the beta band
A Todorovic, JM Schoffelen, F van Ede, E Maris, FP de Lange
PLoS ONE 10 (3), e0120288, 2015
Beyond establishing involvement: Quantifying the contribution of anticipatory α-and β-band suppression to perceptual improvement with attention
F van Ede, M Köster, E Maris
Journal of Neurophysiology 108 (9), 2352-2362, 2012
Neural oscillations: sustained rhythms or transient burst-events?
F van Ede, AJ Quinn, MW Woolrich, AC Nobre
Trends in Neurosciences 41 (7), 415-417, 2018
Somatosensory demands modulate muscular beta oscillations, independent of motor demands
F van Ede, E Maris
Journal of Neuroscience 33 (26), 10849-10857, 2013
Temporal expectations guide dynamic prioritization in visual working memory through attenuated alpha oscillations
F van Ede, M Niklaus, AC Nobre
Journal of Neuroscience 37 (2), 437-445, 2017
Driving human motor cortical oscillations leads to behaviorally relevant changes in local GABAA inhibition: a tACS-TMS study
M Nowak, E Hinson, F van Ede, A Pogosyan, A Guerra, A Quinn, P Brown, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 37 (17), 4481-4492, 2017
Preparatory alpha-band oscillations reflect spatial gating independently of predictions regarding target identity
T Wildegger, F van Ede, MW Woolrich, CR Gillebert, AC Nobre
Journal of Neurophysiology 117 (3), 1385-1394, 2017
Both ongoing alpha and visually induced gamma oscillations show reliable diversity in their across-site phase-relations
F van Ede, S van Pelt, P Fries, E Maris
Journal of Neurophysiology 113 (5), 1556-1563, 2015
Anticipation increases tactile stimulus processing in the ipsilateral primary somatosensory cortex
F van Ede, FP de Lange, E Maris
Cerebral Cortex 24 (10), 2562-2571, 2013
Physiological plausibility can increase reproducibility in cognitive neuroscience
F van Ede, E Maris
Trends in Cognitive Sciences 20 (8), 567–569, 2016
Identifying neuronal oscillations using rhythmicity
AMM Fransen, F van Ede, E Maris
NeuroImage 118, 256–26, 2015
Feature-based attentional weighting and spreading in visual working memory
M Niklaus, AC Nobre, F van Ede
Scientific reports 7, 42384, 2017
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