JA Izaguirre
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Langevin stabilization of molecular dynamics
JA Izaguirre, DP Catarello, JM Wozniak, RD Skeel
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Work queue+ python: A framework for scalable scientific ensemble applications
P Bui, D Rajan, B Abdul-Wahid, J Izaguirre, D Thain
Workshop on python for high performance and scientific computing at sc11, 2011
Predicting protein-protein interactions from protein domains using a set cover approach
C Huang, F Morcos, SP Kanaan, S Wuchty, DZ Chen, JA Izaguirre
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Converting a high performance application to an elastic cloud application
D Rajan, A Canino, JA Izaguirre, D Thain
2011 IEEE Third International Conference on Cloud Computing Technology and …, 2011
Modeling conformational ensembles of slow functional motions in Pin1-WW
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Accelerating the replica exchange method through an efficient all-pairs exchange
P Brenner, CR Sweet, D VonHandorf, JA Izaguirre
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BioCoRE: a collaboratory for structural biology
M Bhandarkar, G Budescu, WF Humphrey, JA Izaguirre, S Izrailev, ...
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CR Sweet, SS Hampton, RD Skeel, JA Izaguirre
The Journal of chemical physics 131 (17), 174106, 2009
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