Carsten Dominik
Carsten Dominik
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Passive irradiated circumstellar disks with an inner hole
CP Dullemond, C Dominik, A Natta
The Astrophysical Journal 560 (2), 957, 2001
The physics of dust coagulation and the structure of dust aggregates in space
C Dominik, A Tielens
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The building blocks of planets within the ‘terrestrial’region of protoplanetary disks
R van Boekel, M Min, C Leinert, L Waters, A Richichi, O Chesneau, ...
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Age dependence of the Vega phenomenon: theory
C Dominik, G Decin
The Astrophysical Journal 598 (1), 626, 2003
Water in star-forming regions with the Herschel space observatory (WISH). I. Overview of key program and first results
EF Van Dishoeck, LE Kristensen, AO Benz, EA Bergin, P Caselli, ...
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Detection of the water reservoir in a forming planetary system
MR Hogerheijde, EA Bergin, C Brinch, LI Cleeves, JKJ Fogel, GA Blake, ...
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Dust evolution in protoplanetary disks
L Testi, T Birnstiel, L Ricci, S Andrews, J Blum, J Carpenter, C Dominik, ...
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Resistance to rolling in the adhesive contact of two elastic spheres
C Dominik, A Tielens
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Dust coagulation in protoplanetary disks: A rapid depletion of small grains
CP Dullemond, C Dominik
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Growth of dust as the initial step toward planet formation
C Dominik, J Blum, J Cuzzi, G Wurm
arXiv preprint astro-ph/0602617, 2006
Structures in the protoplanetary disk of HD142527 seen in polarized scattered light
H Avenhaus, SP Quanz, HM Schmid, MR Meyer, A Garufi, S Wolf, ...
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Structure in the ϵ Eridani debris disk
JS Greaves, WS Holland, MC Wyatt, WRF Dent, EI Robson, IM Coulson, ...
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Dust evolution in protoplanetary disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars—the Spitzer view
A Juhász, J Bouwman, T Henning, B Acke, ME van den Ancker, G Meeus, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 721 (1), 431, 2010
Binarity as a key factor in protoplanetary disk evolution: Spitzer disk census of the η Chamaeleontis cluster
J Bouwman, WA Lawson, C Dominik, ED Feigelson, T Henning, A Tielens, ...
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 653 (1), L57, 2006
The thermal structure and the location of the snow line in the protosolar nebula: Axisymmetric models with full 3-D radiative transfer
M Min, CP Dullemond, M Kama, C Dominik
Icarus 212 (1), 416-426, 2011
Age dependence of the Vega phenomenon: observations
G Decin, C Dominik, L Waters, C Waelkens
The Astrophysical Journal 598 (1), 636, 2003
Disappearance of stellar debris disks around main-sequence stars after 400 million years
HJ Habing, C Dominik, MJ De Muizon, MF Kessler, RJ Laureijs, K Leech, ...
Nature 401 (6752), 456, 1999
Mid-infrared sizes of circumstellar disks around Herbig Ae/Be stars measured with MIDI on the VLTI
C Leinert, R van Boekel, L Waters, O Chesneau, F Malbet, R Köhler, ...
Astronomy & Astrophysics 423 (2), 537-548, 2004
The Distribution of Ortho-H2D+ (11, 0-11, 1) in L1544: Tracing the Deuteration Factory in Prestellar Cores
C Vastel, P Caselli, C Ceccarelli, T Phillips, MC Wiedner, R Peng, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 645 (2), 1198, 2006
Gas-phase water in the surface layer of protoplanetary disks
C Dominik, C Ceccarelli, D Hollenbach, M Kaufman
The Astrophysical Journal Letters 635 (1), L85, 2005
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