Swapan K Sahoo
Swapan K Sahoo
Equinor, UNLV
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Ocean oxygenation in the wake of the Marinoan glaciation
SK Sahoo, NJ Planavsky, B Kendall, X Wang, X Shi, C Scott, AD Anbar, TW ...
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Oceanic oxygenation events in the anoxic Ediacaran ocean
SK Sahoo, NJ Planavsky, G Jiang, B Kendall, JD Owens, X Wang, X Shi, ...
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Multiple negative molybdenum isotope excursions in the Doushantuo Formation (South China) fingerprint complex redox-related processes in the Ediacaran Nanhua Basin
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Molybdenum isotope and trace metal signals in an iron-rich Mesoproterozoic ocean: A snapshot from the Vindhyan Basin, India
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Ediacaran ocean redox evolution
SK Sahoo
Thallium isotope ratios in shales from South China and northwestern Canada suggest widespread O2 accumulation in marine bottom waters was an uncommon occurrence during the …
CM Ostrander, JD Owens, SG Nielsen, TW Lyons, Y Shu, X Chen, ...
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The sedimentary geochemistry and paleoenvironments project
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Unravelling Complex Petroleum Filling History of Great White Field by 4-D Integrated Petroleum Systems Approach
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AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, 2017
Early to Middle Jurassic redox evolution across the Norwegian Continental Shelf: a case study in the Viking Corridor, North Sea Basin
KJ Gomez, S Sahoo, E Panteli, L Moscardelli, A Howie, TE Larson, ...
Goldschmidt2021• Virtual• 4-9 July, 2021
Recurrent photic zone euxinia in Ediacaran South China Basin revealed by mercury enrichment and isotope compositions
A Zhou, M Nolan, S Sahoo, CM Ostrander, A Anbar, D Jones, S Xiao, ...
Goldschmidt2021• Virtual• 4-9 July, 2021
Assessing the contribution of the La Luna Sea to the global sink of organic carbon during the Cenomanian-Turonian Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 (OAE2)
M Paez-Reyes, H Carvajal-Ortiz, SK Sahoo, O Varol, BV Miller, ...
Global and Planetary Change 199, 103424, 2021
Trace Metal Variability in the Lower Bakken Formation—Implications for Late Devonian Global Ocean Redox
S Sahoo, K Hlava, B Hart
2019 AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, 2019
Observations and Interpretation of the Salt Keel Features in US Gulf of Mexico, Keathley Canyon Protraction Area and 2-D Restoration of a Cross-Section
J Kang, T Heyn, J Evenick, S Sahoo, G Pfau, G Ritter, B Schupack
ACE 2018 Annual Convention & Exhibition, 2018
Relating Chemical Speciation of Pore Fluids to Initial Seawater Chemistry and to Diagenetic Reaction Pathways: SrRSA Data Compilation, Gulf of Mexico, USA
BS Slotnick, L Chetel, S Sahoo, C Veale, L Francis, H Volk, S Paulson, ...
ACE 2018 Annual Convention & Exhibition, 2018
Thallium isotopes track fluctuations in global manganese oxide burial during the Ediacaran Period
CM Ostrander, S Nielsen, JD Owens, G Jiang, N Planavsky, SK Sahoo, ...
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2017, PP41B-1305, 2017
How Reducing was the Late Devonian Ocean? The Role of Extensive Expansion of Anoxia in Marine Biogeochemical Cycles of Redox Sensitive Metals.
SK Sahoo, H Jin
AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts 2017, PP41B-1308, 2017
Constraining the redox landscape of the mid-Proterozoic oceans: new insights from the carbonate uranium isotope record
GJ Gilleaudeau, AJ Kaufman, G Luo, SJ Romaniello, F Zhang, LC Kah, ...
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Deciphering the Carbonate Record of Mesoproterozoic Biospheric Oxygenation: Insights from Chromium and Uranium Isotopes
Gilleaudeau et al.
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Iron-Rich Conditions and Molybdenum Enrichment in a Mesoproterozoic Shelf Setting: A Snapshot from the VindhyanBasin, India
SK Sahoo, GJ Gilleaudeau, JD Owens, S Poulton & T Lyons
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