Carolin Haug
Carolin Haug
Research Associate LMU Munich
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Autofluorescence imaging, an excellent tool for comparative morphology
JT Haug, C Haug, V Kutschera, G Mayer, A Maas, S Liebau, C Castellani, ...
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Functional morphology, ontogeny and evolution of mantis shrimp‐like predators in the Cambrian
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Morphology and function in the Cambrian Burgess Shale megacheiran arthropod Leanchoilia superlata and the application of a descriptive matrix
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First fossil stomatopod larva (Arthropoda: Crustacea) and a new way of documenting Solnhofen fossils (Upper Jurassic, Southern Germany)
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New methods to document fossils from lithographic limestones of southern Germany and Lebanon
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A holomorph approach to xiphosuran evolution—a case study on the ontogeny of Euproops
C Haug, P Van Roy, A Leipner, P Funch, DM Rudkin, L Schöllmann, ...
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High-level phylogenetic analysis using developmental sequences: The Cambrian†< i> Martinssonia elongata</i>,†< i> Musacaris gerdgeyeri</i> gen. et sp. nov. and their position …
JT Haug, D Waloszek, C Haug, A Maas
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The ride of the parasite: a 100-million-year old mantis lacewing larva captured while mounting its spider host
JT Haug, P Müller, C Haug
Zoological Letters 4, 1-8, 2018
Evolution of insect wings and development–new details from Palaeozoic nymphs
JT Haug, C Haug, RJ Garwood
Biological Reviews 91 (1), 53-69, 2016
Diversification events of the shield morphology in shore crabs and their relatives through development and time
F Braig, C Haug, JT Haug
Palaeontologia Electronica 26 (3), 1-23, 2023
Isolated mantis shrimp dactyli from the Pliocene of North Carolina and their bearing on the history of Stomatopoda
C Haug, KR Shannon, T Nyborg, FJ Vega
Bolétin de la Sociedad Geológica Mexicana 65 (2), 273-284, 2013
A Carboniferous non-onychophoran lobopodian reveals long-term survival of a Cambrian morphotype
JT Haug, G Mayer, C Haug, DEG Briggs
Current Biology 22 (18), 1673-1675, 2012
Cretaceous chimera–an unusual 100-million-year old neuropteran larva from the “experimental phase” of insect evolution
C Haug, AF Herrera-Flórez, P Müller, JT Haug
Palaeodiversity 12 (1), 1-11, 2019
An unusual fossil larva, the ontogeny of achelatan lobsters, and the evolution of metamorphosis
JT Haug, C Haug
Bulletin of Geosciences 88 (1), 195-206, 2013
Comment on the letter of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology (SVP) dated April 21, 2020 regarding “Fossils from conflict zones and reproducibility of fossil-based scientific …
JT Haug, D Azar, AJ Ross, J Szwedo, B Wang, A Arillo, VA Baranov, ...
Paläontologische Zeitschrift, 2020
A 100-million-year old predator: a fossil neuropteran larva with unusually elongated mouthparts
JT Haug, P Müller, C Haug
Zoological letters 5 (1), 29, 2019
The implications of a Silurian and other thylacocephalan crustaceans for the functional morphology and systematic affinities of the group
C Haug, DEG Briggs, DG Mikulic, J Kluessendorf, JT Haug
BMC Evolutionary Biology 14 (1), 159, 2014
Three-dimensionally preserved minute larva of a great-appendage arthropod from the early Cambrian Chengjiang biota
Y Liu, RR Melzer, JT Haug, C Haug, DEG Briggs, MK Hörnig, Y He, X Hou
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (20), 5542-5546, 2016
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