Jin-Shi Xu
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Geciteerd door
Experimental investigation of classical and quantum correlations under decoherence
JS Xu, XY Xu, CF Li, CJ Zhang, XB Zou, GC Guo
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Experimental recovery of quantum correlations in absence of system-environment back-action
JS Xu, K Sun, CF Li, XY Xu, GC Guo, E Andersson, RL Franco, ...
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CF Li, JS Xu, XY Xu, K Li, GC Guo
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Experimental investigation of the non-Markovian dynamics of classical and quantum correlations
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Experimental violation of the Leggett-Garg inequality under decoherence
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Y Xiao, XJ Ye, K Sun, JS Xu, CF Li, GC Guo
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Ultrasensitive phase estimation with white light
CF Li, XY Xu, JS Tang, JS Xu, GC Guo
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Quantum integrated circuit: classical characterization
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Quantum correlation and classical correlation dynamics in the spin-boson model
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Coherent control of nitrogen-vacancy center spins in silicon carbide at room temperature
JF Wang, FF Yan, Q Li, ZH Liu, H Liu, GP Guo, LP Guo, X Zhou, JM Cui, ...
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Synthetic-lattice enabled all-optical devices based on orbital angular momentum of light
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Experimental characterization of entanglement dynamics in noisy channels
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Simulating the exchange of Majorana zero modes with a photonic system
JS Xu, K Sun, YJ Han, CF Li, JK Pachos, GC Guo
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-8, 2016
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