Andreas M. Waser
Andreas M. Waser
NIOZ Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
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Indirect effects of invasive species affecting the population structure of an ecosystem engineer
AM Waser, W Splinter, J van der Meer
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Impact on bird fauna of a non-native oyster expanding into blue mussel beds in the Dutch Wadden Sea
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The Birth, Growth and Death of Intertidal Soft-Sediment Bivalve Beds: No Need for Large-Scale Restoration Programs in the Dutch Wadden Sea
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Cross-species comparison of parasite richness, prevalence, and intensity in a native compared to two invasive brachyuran crabs.
MA Goedknegt, J Havermans, AM Waser, PC Luttikhuizen, E Velilla, ...
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Predation on intertidal mussels: Influence of biotic factors on the survival of epibenthic bivalve beds
AM Waser
Amsterdam: Vrije Universiteit, 2018
How invasive oysters can affect parasite infection patterns in native mussels on a large spatial scale
MA Goedknegt, R Nauta, M Markovic, C Buschbaum, EO Folmer, ...
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Quantifying Tidal Movements of the Shore Crab Carcinus maenas on to Complex Epibenthic Bivalve Habitats
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De dynamiek van mosselbanken in de Nederlandse Waddenzee
J van der Meer, N Dankers, J Jansen, K Troost, M van Stralen, A Waser
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AM Waser, MA Goedknegt, R Dekker, N McSweeney
3 The birth, growth and death of intertidal soft-sediment bivalve beds: No evidence for ecosystem collapse in the Dutch Wadden Sea
J van der Meer, N Dankers, BJ Ens, M van Stralen, K Troost, AM Waser
Predation on intertidal mussels, 71, 0
Predation on intertidal mussels
AM Waser
2 Waterbird and habitat distributions in a major coastal wetland: revelation of regional differences in the Wadden Sea
AM Waser, EO Folmer, G Scheiffarth, H Büttger, K Troost, J Blew, ...
Predation on intertidal mussels, 21, 0
Parasite patterns in invasive oysters and native mussel hosts–Are parasite spillover, spillback and transmission interference the underlying processes?
MA Goedknegt, R Nauta, C Buschbaum, E Folmer, PC Luttikhuizen, ...
Onderzoek naar de relatie tussen de samenstelling van schelpdierbanken en de benutting door vogels in de Waddenzee
BJ Ens, AM Waser, S Deuzeman, AK wa Kangeri, E van Winden, ...
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