Mahinder Ramdin
Mahinder Ramdin
Assistant Professor at TU Delft, ME, Process & Energy, Eng. Thermodynamics
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Geciteerd door
State-of-the-Art of CO2 Capture with Ionic Liquids
M Ramdin, TW de Loos, TJH Vlugt
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 51 (24), 8149-8177, 2012
High Pressure Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to Formic Acid/Formate: A Comparison between Bipolar Membranes and Cation Exchange Membranes
M Ramdin, ART Morrison, M de Groen, R van Haperen, R De Kler, ...
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 58 (5), 1834-1847, 2019
Solubility of CO2 and CH4 in Ionic Liquids: Ideal CO2/CH4 Selectivity
M Ramdin, A Amplianitis, S Bazhenov, A Volkov, V Volkov, TJH Vlugt, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 53 (40), 15427-15435, 2014
High-Pressure Electrochemical Reduction of CO2 to Formic Acid/Formate: Effect of pH on the Downstream Separation Process and Economics
M Ramdin, ART Morrison, M De Groen, R Van Haperen, R De Kler, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 58 (51), 22718-22740, 2019
Solubility of the Precombustion Gases CO2, CH4, CO, H2, N2, and H2S in the Ionic Liquid [bmim][Tf2N] from Monte Carlo Simulations
M Ramdin, SP Balaji, JM Vicent-Luna, JJ Gutiérrez-Sevillano, S Calero, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (41), 23599-23604, 2014
OCTP: A Tool for On-the-Fly Calculation of Transport Properties of Fluids with the Order-n Algorithm in LAMMPS
SH Jamali, L Wolff, TM Becker, M De Groen, M Ramdin, R Hartkamp, ...
Journal of chemical information and modeling 59 (4), 1290-1294, 2019
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HS Salehi, M Ramdin, OA Moultos, TJH Vlugt
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B De Mot, M Ramdin, J Hereijgers, TJH Vlugt, T Breugelmans
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A Rahbari, J Brenkman, R Hens, M Ramdin, LJP Van Den Broeke, ...
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M Ramdin, TZ Olasagasti, TJH Vlugt, TW de Loos
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Combined Steam Reforming of Methane and Formic Acid To Produce Syngas with an Adjustable H2:CO Ratio
A Rahbari, M Ramdin, LJP Van Den Broeke, TJH Vlugt
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 57 (31), 10663-10674, 2018
Electroreduction of CO2/CO to C2 Products: Process Modeling, Downstream Separation, System Integration, and Economic Analysis
M Ramdin, B De Mot, ART Morrison, T Breugelmans, ...
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Recent advances in the continuous fractional component Monte Carlo methodology
A Rahbari, R Hens, M Ramdin, OA Moultos, D Dubbeldam, TJH Vlugt
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ART Morrison, V van Beusekom, M Ramdin, LJP van den Broeke, ...
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R Hens, A Rahbari, S Caro-Ortiz, N Dawass, M Erdős, ...
Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 60 (6), 2678-2682, 2020
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M Ramdin, Q Chen, SP Balaji, JM Vicent-Luna, A Torres-Knoop, ...
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M Ramdin, A Amplianitis, TW de Loos, TJH Vlugt
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S Bazhenov, A Malakhov, D Bakhtin, V Khotimskiy, G Bondarenko, ...
International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control 71, 293-302, 2018
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