Sean Rovito
Sean Rovito
Laboratorio Nacional de Genómica para la Biodiversidad, Irapuato, Mexico
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Coincident mass extirpation of neotropical amphibians with the emergence of the infectious fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis
TL Cheng, SM Rovito, DB Wake, VT Vredenburg
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (23), 9502-9507, 2011
Dramatic declines in neotropical salamander populations are an important part of the global amphibian crisis
SM Rovito, G Parra-Olea, CR Vásquez-Almazán, TJ Papenfuss, DB Wake
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (9), 3231-3236, 2009
Amphibian fungal panzootic causes catastrophic and ongoing loss of biodiversity
BC Scheele, F Pasmans, LF Skerratt, L Berger, A Martel, W Beukema, ...
Science 363 (6434), 1459-1463, 2019
Distributional modelling and parsimony analysis of endemicity of Senecio in the Mediterranean‐type climate area of Central Chile
SM Rovito, MTK Arroyo, P Pliscoff
Journal of Biogeography 31 (10), 1623-1636, 2004
Lineage divergence and speciation in the Web‐toed Salamanders (Plethodontidae: Hydromantes) of the Sierra Nevada, California
SM Rovito
Molecular Ecology 19 (20), 4554-4571, 2010
Adaptive radiation in miniature: the minute salamanders of the Mexican highlands (Amphibia: Plethodontidae: Thorius)
SM Rovito, G Parra-Olea, J Hanken, RM Bonett, DB Wake
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 109 (3), 622-643, 2013
Diversification and biogeographical history of Neotropical plethodontid salamanders
SM Rovito, G Parra-Olea, E Recuero, DB Wake
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 175 (1), 167-188, 2015
Deep divergences and extensive phylogeographic structure in a clade of lowland tropical salamanders
SM Rovito, G Parra-Olea, CR Vásquez-Almazán, R Luna-Reyes, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 12 (1), 255, 2012
Salamanders from the eastern Cordillera de Talamanca, Costa Rica, with descriptions of five new species (Plethodontidae: Bolitoglossa, Nototriton, and Oedipina) and natural …
E Boza-Oviedo, SM Rovito, G Chaves, A Garcia-Rodriguez, LG Artavia, ...
Zootaxa 3309, 36-61, 2012
A new species of worm salamander (Caudata: Plethodontidae: Oedipina) in the subgenus Oeditriton from the highlands of northern Nicaragua
J Sunyer, DB Wake, JH Townsend, SL Travers, SM Rovito, TJ Papenfuss, ...
Zootaxa 2613 (1), 29-39, 2010
A new species of the genus Paramesotriton (Caudata: Salamandridae) from Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, southern China
Y Wu, SM Rovito, TJ Papenfuss, J Hanken
Zootaxa 2060 (2009), 59-68, 2009
Species formation and geographical range evolution in a genus of Central American cloud forest salamanders (Dendrotriton)
SM Rovito, DB Wake, TJ Papenfuss, G Parra‐Olea, A Muñoz‐Alonso, ...
Journal of Biogeography 39 (7), 1251-1265, 2012
A new species of Cryptotriton (Caudata: Plethodontidae) from eastern Guatemala
CR Vásquez-Almazán, SM Rovito, DA Good, DB Wake
Copeia 2009 (2), 313-319, 2009
A new species of Bolitoglossa (Caudata: Plethodontidae) from the Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala
SM Rovito, CR Vásquez-Almazán, TJ Papenfuss
Journal of Herpetology, 516-525, 2010
Biogeography and evolution of Central American cloud forest salamanders (Caudata: Plethodontidae: Cryptotriton), with the description of a new species
SM Rovito, CR Vásquez-Almazán, TJ Papenfuss, G Parra-Olea, DB Wake
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 175 (1), 150-166, 2015
Everything is not lost: recent records, rediscoveries, and range extensions of Mexican hylid frogs
IW Caviedes-Solis, LF Vázquez-Vega, I Solano-Zavaleta, E Pérez-Ramos, ...
Mesoamerican Herpetology 2 (3), 229-241, 2015
A new species of Pseudoeurycea from the cloud forest in Veracruz, México
G Parra-Olea, SM Rovito, L Marquez-Valdelamar, G Cruz, ...
Zootaxa 2725 (1), 57-68, 2010
A new species of Sibon (Squamata: Colubridae) from the mountains of eastern Guatemala
SM Rovito, TJ Papenfuss, CR Vásquez-Almazán
Zootaxa 3266 (1), 62-68, 2012
A new species of Bolitoglossa (Amphibia, Caudata) from the Sierra de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico
SM Rovito, G Parra-Olea, D Lee, DB Wake
ZooKeys, 55, 2012
Taxonomic status of the enigmatic salamander Cryptotriton adelos (Amphibia: Plethodontidae) from northern Oaxaca, Mexico, with observations on its skull and postcranial skeleton
DB Wake, SM Rovito, JA Maisano, J Hanken
Zootaxa 3579, 67-70, 2012
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