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Néstor E. Katz
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Synthesis and properties of [Ru (tpy)(4, 4′-X2bpy) H]+(tpy= 2, 2′: 6′, 2 ″-terpyridine, bpy= 2, 2′-bipyridine, X= H and MeO), and their reactions with CO2
H Konno, A Kobayashi, K Sakamoto, F Fagalde, NE Katz, H Saitoh, ...
Inorganica Chimica Acta 299 (2), 155-163, 2000
4-Cyanopyridine-bridged binuclear and trinuclear complexes of ruthenium and iron
NE Katz, C Creutz, N Sutin
Inorganic Chemistry 27 (10), 1687-1694, 1988
Proton-induced luminescence of mono-and dinuclear rhenium (I) tricarbonyl complexes containing 4-pyridinealdazine
M Cattaneo, F Fagalde, NE Katz
Inorganic chemistry 45 (17), 6884-6891, 2006
The FeIII/FeII vs Fe22.5 Formulation in Mixed-Valent Species [(NC)4Fe(BL)Fe(CN)4]3-, BL = 2,2‘-Bipyrimidine and 3,6-Bis(2-pyridyl)-1,2,4,5-tetrazine …
M Glöckle, W Kaim, NE Katz, M García Posse, EH Cutin, J Fiedler
Inorganic chemistry 38 (14), 3270-3274, 1999
Comparative Bonding and Photophysical Properties of 2, 2'-Bipyridine and 2, 2'-Bipyrazine in Tetracyano Complexes Containing Ruthenium and Osmium
ME Garcia Posse, NE Katz, LM Baraldo, DD Polonuer, CG Colombano, ...
Inorganic Chemistry 34 (7), 1830-1835, 1995
Calculation of Electron-Transfer Rate Constants in the Inverted Region from Absorption Spectra
NE Katz, SL Mecklenburg, DK Graff, P Chen, TJ Meyer
The Journal of Physical Chemistry 98 (36), 8959-8961, 1994
Spectroelectrochemistry of the Multistep Redox System {(μ-bpym)[Ru(NH3)4]2}n+, n = 2−6, in a Nonaqueous Medium
F Baumann, W Kaim, M García Posse, NE Katz
Inorganic Chemistry 37 (4), 658-660, 1998
Distance dependence of intramolecular electron transfer parameters in mixed-valence asymmetric complexes of ruthenium
F Fagalde, NE Katz
Polyhedron 14 (9), 1213-1220, 1995
Influence of ligand-water interactions on the aquation of pentacyano (saturated amine) ferrate (II) ions
NE Katz, PJ Aymonino, MA Blesa, JA Olabe
Inorganic Chemistry 17 (3), 556-559, 1978
Electron-, proton-, and photon-induced spectroscopic changes in chromophore-quencher tricarbonyl (2, 2′-Bipyridine) rhenium (I) complexes with 4, 4′-azobis (pyridine)
G Pourrieux, F Fagalde, I Romero, X Fontrodona, T Parella, NE Katz
Inorganic chemistry 49 (9), 4084-4091, 2010
Improvement of the dynamic range of pH sensing by using a luminescent tricarbonylpolypyridylrhenium (i) complex with three different protonation sites
M Cattaneo, F Fagalde, CD Borsarelli, NE Katz
Inorganic chemistry 48 (7), 3012-3017, 2009
Long-range electron transfer quenching and recombination in a rhenium-pyridiniumylacrylamide complex
NE Katz, SL Mecklenburg, TJ Meyer
Inorganic Chemistry 34 (5), 1282-1284, 1995
Enhancement of Metal− Metal Coupling at a Considerable Distance by Using 4-Pyridinealdazine as a Bridging Ligand in Polynuclear Complexes of Rhenium and Ruthenium
M Cattaneo, F Fagalde, NE Katz, AM Leiva, R Schmehl
Inorganic chemistry 45 (1), 127-136, 2006
EPR Evidence for Low-Lying MLCT States in Tetracyanoiron and-ruthenium Complexes with Strongly. pi.-Accepting Chelate Ligands. Comparison with Isoelectronic Tetracarbonylmetal …
E Waldhoer, J Poppe, W Kaim, EH Cutin, ME Garcia Posse, NE Katz
Inorganic Chemistry 34 (11), 3093-3096, 1995
Redox-induced linkage isomerizations of acrylamide complexes of pentaammineruthenium (II) and-(III)
NE Katz, F Fagalde
Inorganic Chemistry 32 (23), 5391-5393, 1993
pH‐Induced Luminescence Changes of Chromophore‐Quencher Tricarbonylpolypyridylrhenium (I) Complexes with 4‐Pyridinealdazine
M Cattaneo, F Fagalde, NE Katz, CD Borsarelli, T Parella
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2007 (34), 5323-5332, 2007
Qualitatively and quantitatively different solvatochromism of the MLCT and MMCT absorption bands of centrosymmetric acceptor-bridged diiron (II, II) and diiron (III, II …
M Glöckle, NE Katz, M Ketterle, W Kaim
Inorganica chimica acta 336, 55-60, 2002
Interaction of singlet oxygen with bovine serum albumin and the role of the protein nano-compartmentalization
RE Giménez, V Vargová, V Rey, MBE Turbay, I Abatedaga, FEM Vieyra, ...
Free Radical Biology and Medicine 94, 99-109, 2016
Properties and reactivity of metallocarboxylates. Characterization of aquobis (ethylenediamine)(hydroxycarbonyl) cobalt (III)[(H2O)(en) 2Co (C (O) OH)] 2+ and its ethyl ester …
NE Katz, DJ Szalda, MH Chou, C Creutz, N Sutin
Journal of the American Chemical Society 111 (17), 6591-6601, 1989
The dissolution of magnetite by nitrilotriacetatoferrate (II)
M del Valle Hidalgo, NE Katz, AJG Maroto, MA Blesa
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 1: Physical Chemistry …, 1988
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