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Electrospinning over solvent casting: tuning of mechanical properties of membranes
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Poly (vinyl alcohol): Montmorillonite: Boiled rice water (starch) blend film reinforced with silver nanoparticles; characterization and antibacterial properties
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Enhanced antimicrobial performance of cloisite 30B/poly (ε-caprolactone) over cloisite 30B/poly (l-lactic acid) as evidenced by structural features
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Plasma Modified Polymeric Materials for Scaffolding of Bone Tissue Engineering
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Zinc oxide–curcumin nanocomposite loaded collagen membrane as an effective material against methicillin-resistant coagulase-negative Staphylococci
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Poly (vinyl pyrrolidone)-Lipid Based Hybrid Nanoparticles For Anti viral Drug Delivery
TS Joshy, K. S., S. Snigdha, George Anne, Kalarikkal Nandakumar
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Biodegradable and active nanocomposite pouches reinforced with silver nanoparticles for improved packaging of chicken sausages
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Poly (ε-caprolactone) microsphere decorated with Nano-ZnO based phytoformulation: a promising antimicrobial agent
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Polymer based tissue engineering strategies for neural regeneration
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Core–shell nanoparticles of carboxy methyl cellulose and compritol-PEG for antiretroviral drug delivery
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Kinetic study of gold nanoparticle mediated photocatalytic degradation of Victoria blue
P Jishma, T Roshmi, S Snigdha, EK Radhakrishnan
3 Biotech 8 (2), 97, 2018
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