Vladimir P. Zaytsev (Зайцев Владимир Петрович)
Vladimir P. Zaytsev (Зайцев Владимир Петрович)
RUDN University (Российский университет дружбы народов)
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Cited by
A new approach to construction of isoindolo [1, 2-a] isoquinoline alkaloids Nuevamine, Jamtine, and Hirsutine via IMDAF reaction
FI Zubkov, JD Ershova, AA Orlova, VP Zaytsev, EV Nikitina, ...
Tetrahedron 65 (18), 3789-3803, 2009
The first example of an intramolecular Diels–Alder furan (IMDAF) reaction of iminium salts and its application in a short and simple synthesis of the isoindolo [1, 2-a …
FI Zubkov, JD Ershova, VP Zaytsev, MD Obushak, VS Matiychuk, ...
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General synthetic approach towards annelated 3a, 6-epoxyisoindoles by tandem acylation/IMDAF reaction of furylazaheterocycles. Scope and limitations
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Easy construction of furo [2, 3-f] isoindole core by the IMDAV reaction between 3-(furyl) allylamines and α, β-unsaturated acid anhydrides
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Tetrahedron 72 (18), 2239-2253, 2016
[4+2] Cycloaddition of α,β‐unsaturated acid anhydrides to 2‐furylpiperidin‐4‐ones: The short route to annulated 8,10a‐epoxypyrido[2,1‐a]isoindoles
FI Zubkov, IK Airiyan, AA Dzyubenko, NI Yudina, VP Zaytsev, EV Nikitina, ...
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The intramolecular Diels–Alder vinylfuran (IMDAV) reaction: a short approach to aza-analogues of pinguisane-type sesquiterpenes
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2‐Benzazepine Nitrones Protect Dopaminergic Neurons against 6‐Hydroxydopamine‐Induced Oxidative Toxicity
R Soto‐Otero, E Méndez‐Álvarez, S Sánchez‐Iglesias, ...
Archiv der Pharmazie 345 (8), 598-609, 2012
Interaction between maleic acid and NR-furfurylamines: crystal structure of 2-methyl-N-[(5-phenylfuran-2-yl) methyl] propan-2-aminium (2Z)-3-carboxyacrylate and N-[(5-iodofuran …
EA Kvyatkovskaya, VP Zaytsev, FI Zubkov, PV Dorovatovskii, ...
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Crystallographic Communications 73 (4 …, 2017
Opening of the epoxide bridge in 3a,6-epoxyisoindol-1-ones by the action of BF3⋅Et2O in acetic anhydride
FI Zubkov, VP Zaytsev, ES Puzikova, EV Nikitina, VN Khrustalev, ...
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Halogen bonding in Wagner-Meerwein rearrangement products
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The intramolecular Diels-Alder vinylthiophen (IMDAV) reaction: An easy approach to thieno [2, 3-f] isoindole-4-carboxylic acids
YI Horak, RZ Lytvyn, YOV Laba, YV Homza, VP Zaytsev, MA Nadirova, ...
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5‐Amido‐ and 5‐Amino‐Substituted Epoxyisoindolo[2,1‐a]tetrahydroquinolines and 10‐Carboxylic Acids: Their Synthesis and Reactivity
VP Zaytsev, FI Zubkov, FAA Toze, DN Orlova, MN Eliseeva, DG Grudinin, ...
Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry 50 (S1), E18-E38, 2013
Continuous-flow catalytic hydrogenation of 3a, 6-epoxyisoindoles
VP Zaytsev, FI Zubkov, DF Mertsalov, DN Orlova, EA Sorokina, ...
Russian Chemical Bulletin 64 (1), 112-126, 2015
First representative of 6b, 9-epoxyisoindolo-[2, 1-a] quinazoline-10-carboxylic acids
VP Zaytsev, FI Zubkov, EL Motorygina, MG Gorbacheva, EV Nikitina, ...
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds 47 (12), 1603-1606, 2012
A Simple Preparative Synthesis of Epoxy [1, 3] oxazino (or oxazolo)[2, 3-a]-isoindoles and Their Thia Analogues via IMDAF
FI Zubkov, TR Galeev, EV Nikitina, IV Lazenkova, VP Zaytsev, ...
Synlett 2010 (14), 2063-2066, 2010
Ring-chain tautomerism in the products of the reaction between 5-substituted furfurylamines and anhydrides of α, β-unsaturated carboxylic acids
FI Zubkov, VD Golubev, VP Zaytsev, OV Bakhanovich, EV Nikitina, ...
Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds 52 (4), 225-236, 2016
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