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Electrochemical CO 2 reduction on Cu 2 O-derived copper nanoparticles: controlling the catalytic selectivity of hydrocarbons
R Kas, R Kortlever, A Milbrat, MTM Koper, G Mul, J Baltrusaitis
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (24), 12194-12201, 2014
Electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and methane at an immobilized cobalt protoporphyrin
J Shen, R Kortlever, R Kas, YY Birdja, O Diaz-Morales, Y Kwon, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 8177, 2015
Manipulating the Hydrocarbon Selectivity of Copper Nanoparticles in CO2 Electroreduction by Process Conditions
R Kas, R Kortlever, H Yılmaz, MTM Koper, G Mul
ChemElectroChem 2 (3), 354-358, 2015
Three-dimensional porous hollow fibre copper electrodes for efficient and high-rate electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction
R Kas, KK Hummadi, R Kortlever, P De Wit, A Milbrat, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 10748, 2016
In Situ Infrared Spectroscopy Reveals Persistent Alkalinity near Electrode Surfaces during CO2 Electroreduction
K Yang, R Kas, WA Smith
Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (40), 15891-15900, 2019
Palladium–gold catalyst for the electrochemical reduction of CO 2 to C 1–C 5 hydrocarbons
R Kortlever, I Peters, C Balemans, R Kas, Y Kwon, G Mul, MTM Koper
Chemical communications 52 (67), 10229-10232, 2016
Role of the Carbon-Based Gas Diffusion Layer on Flooding in a Gas Diffusion Electrode Cell for Electrochemical CO2 Reduction
K Yang, R Kas, WA Smith, T Burdyny
ACS Energy Letters 6 (1), 33-40, 2020
In Situ Fabrication and Reactivation of Highly Selective and Stable Ag Catalysts for Electrochemical CO2 Conversion
M Ma, K Liu, J Shen, R Kas, WA Smith
ACS energy letters 3 (6), 1301-1306, 2018
Liquid–Solid Boundaries Dominate Activity of CO2 Reduction on Gas-Diffusion Electrodes
NT Nesbitt, T Burdyny, H Simonson, D Salvatore, D Bohra, R Kas, ...
ACS Catalysis 10 (23), 14093-14106, 2020
Electrochemical CO 2 reduction on nanostructured metal electrodes: fact or defect?
R Kas, K Yang, D Bohra, R Kortlever, T Burdyny, WA Smith
Chemical Science 11 (7), 1738-1749, 2020
Suppressing H2 Evolution and Promoting Selective CO2 Electroreduction to CO at Low Overpotentials by Alloying Au with Pd
M Valenti, NP Prasad, R Kas, D Bohra, M Ma, V Balasubramanian, L Chu, ...
ACS Catalysis 9 (4), 3527-3536, 2019
In‐Situ Infrared Spectroscopy Applied to the Study of the Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2: Theory, Practice and Challenges
R Kas, O Ayemoba, NJ Firet, J Middelkoop, WA Smith, A Cuesta
ChemPhysChem 20 (22), 2904-2925, 2019
A universal method for the preparation of magnetic and luminescent hybrid nanoparticles
R Kas, E Sevinc, U Topal, HY Acar
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114 (17), 7758-7766, 2010
Disposable attenuated total reflection-infrared crystals from silicon wafer: a versatile approach to surface infrared spectroscopy
E Karabudak, R Kas, W Ogieglo, D Rafieian, S Schlautmann, ...
Analytical chemistry 85 (1), 33-38, 2013
In Situ ATR-SEIRAS of Carbon Dioxide Reduction at a Plasmonic Silver Cathode
ER Corson, R Kas, R Kostecki, JJ Urban, WA Smith, BD McCloskey, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2020
Emergence of 2MPA as an effective coating for highly stable and luminescent quantum dots
HY Acar, R Kas, E Yurtsever, C Ozen, I Lieberwirth
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (23), 10005-10012, 2009
Along the Channel Gradients Impact on the Spatioactivity of Gas Diffusion Electrodes at High Conversions during CO2 Electroreduction
R Kas, AG Star, K Yang, T Van Cleve, KC Neyerlin, WA Smith
ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, 2021
Operando Infrared Spectroscopy Reveals the Dynamic Nature of Semiconductor–Electrolyte Interface in Multinary Metal Oxide Photoelectrodes
A Venugopal, R Kas, K Hau, WA Smith
Journal of the American Chemical Society 143 (44), 18581-18591, 2021
Sonochemical synthesis and electrochemical characterization of α-nickel hydroxide: precursor effects
FS Ertaş, R Kaş, U ‹nal, ÷ Birer
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 17, 1455-1462, 2013
Sonochemical shape control of copper hydroxysulfates
R Kaş, ÷ Birer
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 19 (3), 692-700, 2012
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