Mo Verhoeven
Mo Verhoeven
Conservation Scientist, RSPB
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When S iberia came to the N etherlands: the response of continental black‐tailed godwits to a rare spring weather event
NR Senner, MA Verhoeven, JM Abad‐Gómez, JS Gutierrez, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 84 (5), 1164-1176, 2015
Comparing inferences of solar geolocation data against high‐precision GPS data: annual movements of a double‐tagged black‐tailed godwit
E Rakhimberdiev, NR Senner, MA Verhoeven, DW Winkler, W Bouten, ...
Journal of Avian Biology 47 (4), 589-596, 2016
Estimating the size of the Dutch breeding population of Continental Black-tailed Godwits from 2007–2015 using resighting data from spring staging sites
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High-altitude shorebird migration in the absence of topographical barriers: avoiding high air temperatures and searching for profitable winds
NR Senner, M Stager, MA Verhoeven, ZA Cheviron, T Piersma, W Bouten
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Warming springs and habitat alteration interact to impact timing of breeding and population dynamics in a migratory bird
R Kentie, T Coulson, JCEW Hooijmeijer, RA Howison, AHJ Loonstra, ...
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R Kentie, R Marquez‐Ferrando, J Figuerola, L Gangoso, ...
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Generational shift in spring staging site use by a long-distance migratory bird
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High migratory survival and highly variable migratory behavior in black-tailed godwits
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Variation from an unknown source: large inter-individual differences in migrating black-tailed godwits
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Sex‐specific growth in chicks of the sexually dimorphic Black‐tailed Godwit
AHJ Loonstra, MA Verhoeven, T Piersma
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Just when you thought you knew it all: new evidence for flexible breeding patterns in Continental Black-tailed Godwits
NR Senner, MA Verhoeven, J Hooijmeijer, T Piersma
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Adverse wind conditions during northward Sahara crossings increase the in‐flight mortality of Black‐tailed Godwits
AHJ Loonstra, MA Verhoeven, NR Senner, C Both, T Piersma
Ecology letters 22 (12), 2060-2066, 2019
Natal habitat and sex-specific survival rates result in a male-biased adult sex ratio
AHJ Loonstra, MA Verhoeven, NR Senner, JCEW Hooijmeijer, T Piersma, ...
Behavioral Ecology 30 (3), 843-851, 2019
Fuelling and moult in Red Knots before northward departure: a visual evaluation of differences between ages, sexes and subspecies
MA Verhoeven, J van Eerbeek, CJ Hassell, T Piersma
Emu-Austral Ornithology 116 (2), 158-167, 2016
Geolocators lead to better measures of timing and renesting in Black‐tailed Godwits and reveal the bias of traditional observational methods
MA Verhoeven, AHJ Loonstra, AD McBride, P Macias, W Kaspersma, ...
Journal of Avian Biology 51 (4), 2020
Variation in egg size of Black-tailed Godwits
MA Verhoeven, AHJ Loonstra, AD McBride, JM Tinbergen, R Kentie, ...
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Full lifetime perspectives on the costs and benefits of lay‐date variation in tree swallows
DW Winkler, KK Hallinger, TM Pegan, CC Taff, MA Verhoeven, ...
Ecology 101 (9), e03109, 2020
Individual Black-tailed Godwits do not stick to single routes: a hypothesis on how low population densities might decrease social conformity
AHJ Loonstra, MA Verhoeven, A Zbyryt, E Schaaf, C Both, T Piersma
Ardea 107 (3), 251-261, 2020
Primary moult of continental Black-tailed Godwits Limosa limosa limosa in the Doñana wetlands, Spain
R Márquez-Ferrando, M Remisiewicz, JA Masero, R Kentie, N Senner, ...
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Rethinking classic starling displacement experiments: evidence for innate or for learned migratory directions?
T Piersma, AHJ Loonstra, MA Verhoeven, T Oudman
Journal of Avian Biology 51 (5), 2020
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