Nathalie Katsonis
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Nanomotor rotates microscale objects
R Eelkema, MM Pollard, J Vicario, N Katsonis, BS Ramon, ...
Nature 440 (7081), 163-163, 2006
Electrically driven directional motion of a four-wheeled molecule on a metal surface
T Kudernac, N Ruangsupapichat, M Parschau, B Maciß, N Katsonis, ...
Nature 479 (7372), 208, 2011
Conversion of light into macroscopic helical motion
S Iamsaard, SJ A▀hoff, B Matt, T Kudernac, JJLM Cornelissen, ...
Nature chemistry 6 (3), 229-235, 2014
Reversible conductance switching of single diarylethenes on a gold surface
N Katsonis, T Kudernac, M Walko, SJ van der Molen, BJ van Wees, ...
Advanced Materials 18 (11), 1397-1400, 2006
Synthetic light-activated molecular switches and motors on surfaces
N Katsonis, M Lubomska, MM Pollard, BL Feringa, P Rudolf
Progress in Surface Science 82 (7-8), 407-434, 2007
Rotational reorganization of doped cholesteric liquid crystalline films
R Eelkema, MM Pollard, N Katsonis, J Vicario, DJ Broer, BL Feringa
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (44), 14397-14407, 2006
Dispersion of graphene in ethanol using a simple solvent exchange method
X Zhang, AC Coleman, N Katsonis, WR Browne, BJ Van Wees, ...
Chemical Communications 46 (40), 7539-7541, 2010
Emerging solvent‐induced homochirality by the confinement of achiral molecules against a solid surface
N Katsonis, H Xu, RM Haak, T Kudernac, Ž Tomović, S George, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (27), 4997-5001, 2008
Substrate-induced pairing in 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11-hexakis-undecalkoxy-triphenylene self-assembled monolayers on Au (111)
N Katsonis, A Marchenko, D Fichou
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (45), 13682-13683, 2003
Nano-electronic switches: Light-induced switching of the conductance of molecular systems
T Kudernac, N Katsonis, WR Browne, BL Feringa
Journal of Materials Chemistry 19 (39), 7168-7177, 2009
Molecular chirality at fluid/solid interfaces: expression of asymmetry in self-organised monolayers
N Katsonis, E Lacaze, BL Feringa
Journal of Materials Chemistry 18 (18), 2065-2073, 2008
Self-Organized Monolayer of m eso-Tetradodecylporphyrin Coordinated to Au (111)
N Katsonis, J Vicario, T Kudernac, J Visser, MM Pollard, BL Feringa
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128 (48), 15537-15541, 2006
Controlling chirality with helix inversion in cholesteric liquid crystals
N Katsonis, E Lacaze, A Ferrarini
Journal of materials chemistry 22 (15), 7088-7097, 2012
Excited-state relaxation dynamics of a PYP chromophore model in solution: influence of the thioester group
P Changenet-Barret, A Espagne, N Katsonis, S Charier, JB Baudin, ...
Chemical physics letters 365 (3-4), 285-291, 2002
Creation and manipulation of topological states in chiral nematic microspheres
T Orlova, SJ A▀hoff, T Yamaguchi, N Katsonis, E Brasselet
Nature communications 6, 7603, 2015
Photoresponsive rolling and bending of thin crystals of chiral diarylethenes
K Uchida, S Sukata, Y Matsuzawa, M Akazawa, JJD de Jong, N Katsonis, ...
Chemical communications, 326-328, 2008
Photoinduced reorganization of motor-doped chiral liquid crystals: bridging molecular isomerization and texture rotation
A Bosco, MGM Jongejan, R Eelkema, N Katsonis, E Lacaze, A Ferrarini, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (44), 14615-14624, 2008
Long-range self-assembly of a polyunsaturated linear organosilane at the n-Tetradecane/Au (111) interface studied by STM
A Marchenko, N Katsonis, D Fichou, C Aubert, M Malacria
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (34), 9998-9999, 2002
Two-dimensional molecular patterning by surface-enhanced Zn-porphyrin coordination
J Visser, N Katsonis, J Vicario, BL Feringa
Langmuir 25 (10), 5980-5985, 2009
Electro-and photochemical switching of dithienylethene self-assembled monolayers on gold electrodes
WR Browne, T Kudernac, N Katsonis, J Areephong, J Hjelm, BL Feringa
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 112 (4), 1183-1190, 2008
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