Christopher Raxworthy
Christopher Raxworthy
Curator-in-Charge, Herpetology, American Museum of Nautral History
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The amphibian tree of life
DR Frost, T Grant, J Faivovich, RH Bain, A Haas, CFB Haddad, RO De Sa, ...
Bulletin of the American Museum of natural History 2006 (297), 1-291, 2006
Predicting species distributions from small numbers of occurrence records: a test case using cryptic geckos in Madagascar
RG Pearson, CJ Raxworthy, M Nakamura, A Townsend Peterson
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Predicting distributions of known and unknown reptile species in Madagascar
CJ Raxworthy, E Martinez-Meyer, N Horning, RA Nussbaum, ...
Nature 426 (6968), 837, 2003
The conservation status of the world’s reptiles
M Böhm, B Collen, JEM Baillie, P Bowles, J Chanson, N Cox, ...
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Aligning conservation priorities across taxa in Madagascar with high-resolution planning tools
C Kremen, A Cameron, A Moilanen, SJ Phillips, CD Thomas, H Beentje, ...
Science 320 (5873), 222-226, 2008
Applications of Ecological Niche Modeling for Species Delimitation: A Review and Empirical Evaluation Using Day Geckos (Phelsuma) from Madagascar
CJ Raxworthy, CM Ingram, N Rabibisoa, RG Pearson
Systematic biology 56 (6), 907-923, 2007
Extinction vulnerability of tropical montane endemism from warming and upslope displacement: a preliminary appraisal for the highest massif in Madagascar
CJ Raxworthy, RG Pearson, N Rabibisoa, AM Rakotondrazafy, ...
Global Change Biology 14 (8), 1703-1720, 2008
Chameleon radiation by oceanic dispersal
CJ Raxworthy, MRJ Forstner, RA Nussbaum
Nature 415 (6873), 784, 2002
Confronting amphibian declines and extinctions
JR Mendelson, KR Lips, RW Gagliardo, GB Rabb, JP Collins, ...
Science 313 (5783), 48-48, 2006
Phylogeny and biogeography of the family Salamandridae (Amphibia: Caudata) inferred from complete mitochondrial genomes
P Zhang, TJ Papenfuss, MH Wake, L Qu, DB Wake
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 49 (2), 586-597, 2008
A molecular phylogeny of tortoises (Testudines: Testudinidae) based on mitochondrial and nuclear genes
M Le, CJ Raxworthy, WP McCord, L Mertz
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 40 (2), 517-531, 2006
Life history and spatial traits predict extinction risk due to climate change
RG Pearson, JC Stanton, KT Shoemaker, ME Aiello-Lammens, PJ Ersts, ...
Nature Climate Change 4 (3), 217, 2014
Species review of amphibian extinction risks in Madagascar: conclusions from the Global Amphibian Assessment
F Andreone, JE Cadle, N Cox, F Glaw, RA Nussbaum, CJ Raxworthy, ...
Conservation Biology 19 (6), 1790-1802, 2005
Convergent evolution of chemical defense in poison frogs and arthropod prey between Madagascar and the Neotropics
VC Clark, CJ Raxworthy, V Rakotomalala, P Sierwald, BL Fisher
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (33), 11617-11622, 2005
A rainforest survey of amphibians, reptiles and small mammals at Montagne d'Ambre, Madagascar
CJ Raxworthy, RA Nussbaum
Biological Conservation 69 (1), 65-73, 1994
Systematics, speciation and biogeography of the dwarf chameleons (Brookesia; Reptilia, Squamata, Chamaeleontidae) of northern Madagascar
CJ Raxworthy, RA Nussbaum
Journal of Zoology 235 (4), 525-558, 1995
The evolution of local endemism in Madagascar: watershed versus climatic gradient hypotheses evaluated by null biogeographic models
RG Pearson, CJ Raxworthy
Evolution: International Journal of Organic Evolution 63 (4), 959-967, 2009
The challenge of conserving amphibian megadiversity in Madagascar
F Andreone, AI Carpenter, N Cox, L du Preez, K Freeman, S Furrer, ...
PLoS Biology 6 (5), e118, 2008
Introduction to the reptiles
CJ Raxworthy
The natural history of Madagascar, 934-949, 2003
Is The Amphibian Tree of Life really fatally flawed?
DR Frost, T Grant, J Faivovich, RH Bain, A Haas, CFB Haddad, RO De Sa, ...
Cladistics 24 (3), 385-395, 2008
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