Hendrik Marks
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The transcriptional and epigenomic foundations of ground state pluripotency
H Marks, T Kalkan, R Menafra, S Denissov, K Jones, H Hofemeister, ...
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Quantitative interaction proteomics and genome-wide profiling of epigenetic histone marks and their readers
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Sequential ChIP-bisulfite sequencing enables direct genome-scale investigation of chromatin and DNA methylation cross-talk
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A role for cohesin in T-cell-receptor rearrangement and thymocyte differentiation
VC Seitan, B Hao, K Tachibana-Konwalski, T Lavagnolli, ...
Nature 476 (7361), 467-471, 2011
Mll2 is required for H3K4 trimethylation on bivalent promoters in embryonic stem cells, whereas Mll1 is redundant
S Denissov, H Hofemeister, H Marks, A Kranz, G Ciotta, S Singh, ...
Development 141 (3), 526-537, 2014
Epigenetic regulation of learning and memory by Drosophila EHMT/G9a
JM Kramer, K Kochinke, MAW Oortveld, H Marks, D Kramer, EK de Jong, ...
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Tracking the embryonic stem cell transition from ground state pluripotency
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High-resolution analysis of epigenetic changes associated with X inactivation
H Marks, JC Chow, S Denissov, KJ Françoijs, N Brockdorff, E Heard, ...
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Genetic variation among isolates of white spot syndrome virus
H Marks, RW Goldbach, JM Vlak, MCW Van Hulten
Archives of virology 149 (4), 673-697, 2004
Otx2 and Oct4 drive early enhancer activation during embryonic stem cell transition from naive pluripotency
SH Yang, T Kalkan, C Morissroe, H Marks, H Stunnenberg, A Smith, ...
Cell reports 7 (6), 1968-1981, 2014
An RNA-Seq strategy to detect the complete coding and non-coding transcriptome including full-length imprinted macro ncRNAs
R Huang, M Jaritz, P Guenzl, I Vlatkovic, A Sommer, IM Tamir, H Marks, ...
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Molecular epidemiology of white spot syndrome virus within Vietnam
BTM Dieu, H Marks, JJ Siebenga, RW Goldbach, D Zuidema, TP Duong, ...
Journal of General Virology 85 (12), 3607-3618, 2004
MTF2 recruits Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 by helical-shape-selective DNA binding
M Perino, G van Mierlo, ID Karemaker, S van Genesen, M Vermeulen, ...
Nature genetics 50 (7), 1002-1010, 2018
Fitness and virulence of an ancestral white spot syndrome virus isolate from shrimp
H Marks, JJA van Duijse, D Zuidema, MCW van Hulten, JM Vlak
Virus research 110 (1-2), 9-20, 2005
Dynamics of gene silencing during X inactivation using allele-specific RNA-seq
H Marks, HHD Kerstens, TS Barakat, E Splinter, RAM Dirks, G van Mierlo, ...
Genome biology 16 (1), 149, 2015
The complexity of PRC2 subcomplexes
G van Mierlo, GJC Veenstra, M Vermeulen, H Marks
Trends in cell biology 29 (8), 660-671, 2019
Diminished expression of multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 (MRP1) in bronchial epithelium of COPD patients
M van der Deen, H Marks, BWM Willemse, DS Postma, M Müller, EF Smit, ...
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Gene-expression profiling of White spot syndrome virus in vivo
H Marks, O Vorst, AMML van Houwelingen, MCW van Hulten, JM Vlak
Journal of general virology 86 (7), 2081-2100, 2005
Genome-wide epigenomic profiling for biomarker discovery
RAM Dirks, HG Stunnenberg, H Marks
Clinical epigenetics 8 (1), 122, 2016
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