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Lars Hangartner
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Fc receptor but not complement binding is important in antibody protection against HIV
AJ Hessell, L Hangartner, M Hunter, CEG Havenith, FJ Beurskens, ...
Nature 449 (7158), 101-104, 2007
Effective, low-titer antibody protection against low-dose repeated mucosal SHIV challenge in macaques
AJ Hessell, P Poignard, M Hunter, L Hangartner, DM Tehrani, WK Bleeker, ...
Nature medicine 15 (8), 951-954, 2009
Broadly neutralizing human anti-HIV antibody 2G12 is effective in protection against mucosal SHIV challenge even at low serum neutralizing titers
AJ Hessell, EG Rakasz, P Poignard, L Hangartner, G Landucci, ...
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Broadly neutralizing antibodies to HIV and their role in vaccine design
DR Burton, L Hangartner
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Antiviral antibody responses: the two extremes of a wide spectrum
L Hangartner, RM Zinkernagel, H Hengartner
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Observation of measles virus cell-to-cell spread in astrocytoma cells by using a green fluorescent protein-expressing recombinant virus
WP Duprex, S McQuaid, L Hangartner, MA Billeter, BK Rima
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Recombinant HIV envelope proteins fail to engage germline versions of anti-CD4bs bNAbs
S Hoot, AT McGuire, KW Cohen, RK Strong, L Hangartner, F Klein, ...
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Recombination of retrotransposon and exogenous RNA virus results in nonretroviral cDNA integration
MB Geuking, J Weber, M Dewannieux, E Gorelik, T Heidmann, ...
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Natural IgE production in the absence of MHC Class II cognate help
KD McCoy, NL Harris, P Diener, S Hatak, B Odermatt, L Hangartner, ...
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Attenuated measles virus as a vaccine vector
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Vaccine-induced protection from homologous tier 2 SHIV challenge in nonhuman primates depends on serum-neutralizing antibody titers
MG Pauthner, JP Nkolola, C Havenar-Daughton, B Murrell, SM Reiss, ...
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Electron-microscopy-based epitope mapping defines specificities of polyclonal antibodies elicited during HIV-1 BG505 envelope trimer immunization
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Recombinant measles viruses expressing heterologous antigens of mumps and simian immunodeficiency viruses
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Antiviral immune responses in gene-targeted mice expressing the immunoglobulin heavy chain of virus-neutralizing antibodies
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Extralymphatic virus sanctuaries as a consequence of potent T-cell activation
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Nonneutralizing antibodies binding to the surface glycoprotein of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus reduce early virus spread
L Hangartner, RM Zellweger, M Giobbi, J Weber, B Eschli, KD McCoy, ...
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Alternative Recognition of the Conserved Stem Epitope in Influenza A Virus Hemagglutinin by a VH3-30-Encoded Heterosubtypic Antibody
A Wyrzucki, C Dreyfus, I Kohler, M Steck, IA Wilson, L Hangartner
Journal of virology 88 (12), 7083-7092, 2014
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