Román González-Prieto
Román González-Prieto
Andalusian Center for Molecular Biology and Regenerative Medicine CABIMER - University of Seville
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Focusing capillary jets close to the continuum limit
AM Ganán-Calvo, R González-Prieto, P Riesco-Chueca, MA Herrada, ...
Nature Physics 3 (10), 737-742, 2007
The cooperative action of CSB, CSA, and UVSSA target TFIIH to DNA damage-stalled RNA polymerase II
Y van der Weegen, H Golan-Berman, TET Mevissen, K Apelt, ...
Nature communications 11 (1), 2104, 2020
Deubiquitinase activity profiling identifies UCHL1 as a candidate oncoprotein that promotes TGFβ-induced breast cancer metastasis
S Liu, R González-Prieto, M Zhang, PP Geurink, R Kooij, PV Iyengar, ...
Clinical Cancer Research 26 (6), 1460-1473, 2020
The STUbL RNF4 regulates protein group SUMOylation by targeting the SUMO conjugation machinery
R Kumar, R González-Prieto, Z Xiao, M Verlaan-de Vries, ACO Vertegaal
Nature Communications 8 (1), 2017
c-Myc is targeted to the proteasome for degradation in a SUMOylation-dependent manner, regulated by PIAS1, SENP7 and RNF4
R González-Prieto, SAG Cuijpers, R Kumar, IA Hendriks, ACO Vertegaal
Cell Cycle 14 (12), 1859-1872, 2015
Histone H3K56 acetylation, CAF1, and Rtt106 coordinate nucleosome assembly and stability of advancing replication forks
M Clemente-Ruiz, R González-Prieto, F Prado
PLoS genetics 7 (11), e1002376, 2011
Rad51 replication fork recruitment is required for DNA damage tolerance
R González‐Prieto, AM Muñoz‐Cabello, MJ Cabello‐Lobato, F Prado
The EMBO journal 32 (9), 1307-1321, 2013
SUMO ylation and PAR ylation cooperate to recruit and stabilize SLX 4 at DNA damage sites
R González‐Prieto, SAG Cuijpers, MS Luijsterburg, H van Attikum, ...
EMBO reports 16 (4), 512-519, 2015
ELOF1 is a transcription-coupled DNA repair factor that directs RNA polymerase II ubiquitylation
Y Van der Weegen, K de Lint, D van den Heuvel, Y Nakazawa, ...
Nature cell biology 23 (6), 595-607, 2021
Global non-covalent SUMO interaction networks reveal SUMO-dependent stabilization of the non-homologous end joining complex
R González-Prieto, K Eifler-Olivi, LA Claessens, E Willemstein, Z Xiao, ...
Cell reports 34 (4), 2021
Insights in post-translational modifications: ubiquitin and SUMO
D Salas-Lloret, R González-Prieto
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (6), 3281, 2022
Targeting pancreatic cancer by TAK-981: a SUMOylation inhibitor that activates the immune system and blocks cancer cell cycle progression in a preclinical model
S Kumar, MJA Schoonderwoerd, JS Kroonen, IJ de Graaf, M Sluijter, ...
Gut 71 (11), 2266-2283, 2022
Inhibiting ubiquitination causes an accumulation of SUMOylated newly synthesized nuclear proteins at PML bodies
Z Sha, T Blyszcz, R González-Prieto, ACO Vertegaal, AL Goldberg
Journal of Biological Chemistry 294 (42), 15218-15234, 2019
Straightforward production of encoded microbeads by Flow Focusing: Potential applications for biomolecule detection
AM Gañán-Calvo, L Martín-Banderas, R González-Prieto, A Rodriguez-Gil, ...
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 324 (1), 19-26, 2006
A CSB-PAF1C axis restores processive transcription elongation after DNA damage repair
D van den Heuvel, CG Spruijt, R González-Prieto, A Kragten, MT Paulsen, ...
Nature Communications 12 (1), 1342, 2021
Splicing factors control triple-negative breast cancer cell mitosis through SUN2 interaction and sororin intron retention
E Koedoot, E van Steijn, M Vermeer, R González-Prieto, ACO Vertegaal, ...
Journal of Experimental & Clinical Cancer Research 40, 1-17, 2021
Zinc finger protein ZNF384 is an adaptor of Ku to DNA during classical non-homologous end-joining
JK Singh, R Smith, MB Rother, AJL de Groot, WW Wiegant, K Vreeken, ...
Nature communications 12 (1), 6560, 2021
ERCC1 mutations impede DNA damage repair and cause liver and kidney dysfunction in patients
K Apelt, SM White, HS Kim, JE Yeo, A Kragten, AP Wondergem, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 218 (3), e20200622, 2020
TULIP2: an improved method for the identification of ubiquitin E3-specific targets
D Salas-Lloret, G Agabitini, R González-Prieto
Frontiers in Chemistry 7, 802, 2019
Non‐recombinogenic roles for Rad52 in translesion synthesis during DNA damage tolerance
MI Cano‐Linares, A Yáñez‐Vilches, N García‐Rodríguez, ...
EMBO reports 22 (1), e50410, 2021
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