Aysan Khaligh
Aysan Khaligh
Post doctoral fellow
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Ultrasound assisted-dispersive-ionic liquid-micro-solid phase extraction based on carboxyl-functionalized nanoporous graphene for speciation and determination of trace …
Hamid Shirkhanloo, Aisan Khaligh, Hassan Zavvar Mousavi, Alimorad Rashidi
Microchemical Journal 130, 245-254, 2017
Ultrasound assisted-dispersive-micro-solid phase extraction based on bulky amino bimodal mesoporous silica nanoparticles for speciation of trace manganese (II)/(VII) ions in …
A Khaligh, HZ Mousavi, H Shirkhanloo, A Rashidi
Microchemical Journal, 2016
Speciation and determination of inorganic arsenic species in water and biological samples by ultrasound assisted-dispersive-micro-solid phase extraction on carboxylated …
A Khaligh, H Zavvar Mousavi, H Shirkhanloo, A Rashidi
RSC Advances, 2015
On-line micro column preconcentration system based on amino bimodal mesoporous silica nanoparticles as a novel adsorbent for removal and speciation of chromium (III, VI) in …
H Shirkhanloo, A Khaligh, F Golbabaei, Z Sadeghi, A Vahid, A Rashidi
Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 13, 1-12, 2015
Removal of Pb(II) and Cu(II) Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Cadmium Sulfide Nanoparticles
S Golkhah, H Zavvar Mousavi, H Shirkhanloo, A Khaligh
International Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 13 (2), 105-117, 2017
Ultra-trace arsenic and mercury speciation and determination in blood samples by ionic liquid-based dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction combined with flow injection …
H Shirkhanloo, A Khaligh, HZ Mousavi, MM Eskandari, AA Miran-Beigi
Chemical Papers, 2015
Graphene oxide-packed micro-column solid-phase extraction combined with flame atomic absorption spectrometry for determination of lead (II) and nickel (II) in water samples
H Shirkhanloo, A Khaligh, HZ Mousavi, A Rashidi
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 95 (1), 16-32, 2015
Water-dispersible glycosylated poly (2, 5’-thienylene) porphyrin-based nanoparticles for antibacterial photodynamic therapy
R Khan, M Özkan, A Khaligh, D Tuncel
Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences 18, 1147-1155, 2019
Covalent organic framework constructed by clicking azido porphyrin with perpropargyloxy-cucurbit [6] uril for electrocatalytic hydrogen generation from water splitting
A Khaligh, Y Sheidaei, D Tuncel
ACS Applied Energy Materials 4 (4), 3535-3543, 2021
Ultrasonic assisted removal of Ni(II) and Co(II) ions from aqueous by carboxylated nanoporous graphene
A Khaligh, H Zavvar Mousavi, A Rashidi
Journal of Applied Chemistry 11 (41), 49-58, 2017
Novel Supramolecular Photocatalyst Based on Conjugation of Cucurbit [7] uril to Non‐Metallated Porphyrin for Electrophotocatalytic Hydrogen Generation from Water Splitting
Y Kumar, B Patil, A Khaligh, SE Hadi, T Uyar, D Tuncel
ChemCatChem 11 (13), 2994-2999, 2019
Filter-based low-toxic emulsification microextraction followed by high-performance liquid chromatography for determination of Sudan dyes in foodstuff samples
F Mahmoudi Alami, H Zavvar Mousavi, A Khaligh
Food Analytical Methods 11, 2287-2295, 2018
Effects of thermoplastic coating on interfacial interactions in advanced engineering composites for aerospace applications
Z Yavuz, A Khaligh, Y Öz, D Tuncel
Polymer Bulletin 81 (3), 2223-2245, 2024
Photoactive Catalytically Self-Threaded 2D Polyrotaxane Network for Visible Light Activated Antimicrobial Phototherapy
A Khaligh, R Khan, DD Akolpoğlu Başaran, M Özkan, D Tuncel
ACS Applied Polymer Materials 2 (12), 5726-5734, 2020
Orange tree leaves, a perfect adsorbent for the removal of Cd (II), Co (II), Zn (II) from wastewater
N Nourbakhsh, HZ Mousavi, E Kolvari, A Khaligh
Chemical Industry and Chemical Engineering Quarterly 25 (2), 107-117, 2019
Determination of trace of heavy metals in water samples by atomic spectrometry by preconcentration with soft husk of pistachio
M Ghodsbin, HZ Mousavi, A Khaligh
European Chemical Bulletin 3, 326-332, 2014
In situ-Electrochemically reduced graphene oxide integrated with cross-linked supramolecular polymeric network for electrocatalytic hydrogen evaluation reaction
B Aoudi, A Khaligh, Y Sheidaei, D Tuncel
Polymer 231, 124140, 2021
Application of polyacrylamide for methylene blue removal from aqueous solutions
HZ Mousavi, A Khaligh, M Behzad, J Rahchamani
Journal of Applied Solution Chemistry and Modeling 3 (1), 39-47, 2014
Porphyrin cross-linked conjugated polymer nanoparticles-based photosensitizer for antimicrobial and anticancer photodynamic therapies
I Kwaku Duah, A Khaligh, A Koç, DD Akolpoğlu Başaran, D Tuncel
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, e51777, 2021
Triazine/thiophene-based microporous organic polymer for electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reaction
AM Yau, A Khaligh, D Tuncel
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, e53492, 2023
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