Dennis Claessen
Dennis Claessen
Professor of Molecular Microbiology, Leiden University
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Geciteerd door
Bacterial solutions to multicellularity: a tale of biofilms, filaments and fruiting bodies
D Claessen, DE Rozen, OP Kuipers, L Søgaard-Andersen, GP Van Wezel
Nature Reviews Microbiology 12 (2), 115-124, 2014
A novel class of secreted hydrophobic proteins is involved in aerial hyphae formation in Streptomyces coelicolor by forming amyloid-like fibrils
D Claessen, R Rink, W de Jong, J Siebring, P de Vreugd, FGH Boersma, ...
Genes & development 17 (14), 1714-1726, 2003
Amyloids—a functional coat for microorganisms
MFBG Gebbink, D Claessen, B Bouma, L Dijkhuizen, HAB Wösten
Nature Reviews Microbiology 3 (4), 333-341, 2005
Control of the cell elongation–division cycle by shuttling of PBP1 protein in Bacillus subtilis
D Claessen, R Emmins, LW Hamoen, RA Daniel, J Errington, ...
Molecular microbiology 68 (4), 1029-1046, 2008
Regulation of Streptomyces development: reach for the sky!
D Claessen, W De Jong, L Dijkhuizen, HAB Wösten
Trends in microbiology 14 (7), 313-319, 2006
The formation of the rodlet layer of streptomycetes is the result of the interplay between rodlins and chaplins
D Claessen, I Stokroos, HJ Deelstra, NA Penninga, C Bormann, JA Salas, ...
Molecular microbiology 53 (2), 433-443, 2004
Attachment of Streptomyces coelicolor is mediated by amyloidal fimbriae that are anchored to the cell surface via cellulose
W De Jong, HAB Wösten, L Dijkhuizen, D Claessen
Molecular microbiology 73 (6), 1128-1140, 2009
Two novel homologous proteins of Streptomyces coelicolor and Streptomyces lividans are involved in the formation of the rodlet layer and mediate attachment to a …
D Claessen, HAB Wösten, G Keulen, OG Faber, AMCR Alves, WG Meijer, ...
Molecular microbiology 44 (6), 1483-1492, 2002
Morphogenesis of Streptomyces in submerged cultures
D van Dissel, D Claessen, GP van Wezel
Advances in applied microbiology 89, 1-45, 2014
Expanding the chemical space for natural products by Aspergillus-Streptomyces co-cultivation and biotransformation
C Wu, B Zacchetti, AFJ Ram, GP Van Wezel, D Claessen, Y Hae Choi
Scientific Reports 5 (1), 1-10, 2015
The assembly of individual chaplin peptides from Streptomyces coelicolor into functional amyloid fibrils
EB Sawyer, D Claessen, M Haas, B Hurgobin, SL Gras
PLoS One 6 (4), e18839, 2011
GlxA is a new structural member of the radical copper oxidase family and is required for glycan deposition at hyphal tips and morphogenesis of Streptomyces lividans
AK Chaplin, MLC Petrus, G Mangiameli, MA Hough, DA Svistunenko, ...
Biochemical Journal 469 (3), 433, 2015
The DyP-type peroxidase DtpA is a Tat-substrate required for GlxA maturation and morphogenesis in Streptomyces
MLC Petrus, E Vijgenboom, AK Chaplin, JAR Worrall, GP van Wezel, ...
Open biology 6 (1), 150149, 2016
Antibiotic production in Streptomyces is organized by a division of labor through terminal genomic differentiation
Z Zhang, C Du, F de Barsy, M Liem, A Liakopoulos, GP van Wezel, ...
Science advances 6 (3), eaay5781, 2020
Aerial hyphae in surface cultures of Streptomyces lividans and Streptomyces coelicolor originate from viable segments surviving an early programmed cell death …
A Manteca, D Claessen, C Lopez-Iglesias, J Sanchez
FEMS microbiology letters 274 (1), 118-125, 2007
Differentiation and Anaerobiosis in Standing Liquid Cultures of Streptomyces coelicolor
G van Keulen, HM Jonkers, D Claessen, L Dijkhuizen, HAB Wösten
Journal of bacteriology 185 (4), 1455-1458, 2003
Analysis of novel kitasatosporae reveals significant evolutionary changes in conserved developmental genes between Kitasatospora and Streptomyces
G Girard, J Willemse, H Zhu, D Claessen, K Bukarasam, M Goodfellow, ...
Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek 106, 365-380, 2014
Understanding microbial divisions of labor
Z Zhang, D Claessen, DE Rozen
Frontiers in microbiology 7, 2070, 2016
A novel locus for mycelial aggregation forms a gateway to improved Streptomyces cell factories
D van Dissel, D Claessen, M Roth, GP van Wezel
Microbial cell factories 14, 1-10, 2015
Cell wall deficiency as a coping strategy for stress
D Claessen, J Errington
Trends in microbiology 27 (12), 1025-1033, 2019
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