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Convergence of direct and indirect methods in the magnetocaloric study of first order transformations: The case of Ni-Co-Mn-Ga Heusler alloys
G Porcari, F Cugini, S Fabbrici, C Pernechele, F Albertini, M Buzzi, ...
Physical Review B 86 (10), 104432, 2012
Co and In doped Ni-Mn-Ga magnetic shape memory alloys: A thorough structural, magnetic and magnetocaloric study
S Fabbrici, G Porcari, F Cugini, M Solzi, J Kamarad, Z Arnold, R Cabassi, ...
Entropy 16 (4), 2204-2222, 2014
Direct magnetocaloric characterization and simulation of thermomagnetic cycles
G Porcari, M Buzzi, F Cugini, R Pellicelli, C Pernechele, L Caron, E Brück, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (7), 073907, 2013
Influence of the transition width on the magnetocaloric effect across the magnetostructural transition of Heusler alloys
F Cugini, G Porcari, S Fabbrici, F Albertini, M Solzi
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical …, 2016
Understanding magnetic relaxation in single-ion magnets with high blocking temperature
A Chiesa, F Cugini, R Hussain, E Macaluso, G Allodi, E Garlatti, ...
Physical Review B 101 (17), 174402, 2020
Dynamics of nonergodic ferromagnetic/antiferromagnetic ordering and magnetocalorics in antiperovskite
Ö Çakır, F Cugini, M Solzi, K Priolkar, M Acet, M Farle
Physical Review B 96 (1), 014436, 2017
Influence of thermal conductivity on the dynamic response of magnetocaloric materials
G Porcari, K Morrison, F Cugini, JA Turcaud, F Guillou, A Berenov, ...
international journal of refrigeration 59, 29-36, 2015
Millisecond direct measurement of the magnetocaloric effect of a Fe2P-based compound by the mirage effect
F Cugini, G Porcari, C Viappiani, L Caron, AO Dos Santos, LP Cardoso, ...
Applied Physics Letters 108 (1), 012407, 2016
Non-contact direct measurement of the magnetocaloric effect in thin samples
F Cugini, G Porcari, M Solzi
Review of Scientific Instruments 85 (7), 074902, 2014
Cold working consequence on the magnetocaloric effect of Ni50Mn34In16 Heusler alloy
F Cugini, L Righi, L van Eijck, E Brück, M Solzi
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 749, 211-216, 2018
On the broadening of the martensitic transition in heusler alloys: from microscopic features to magnetocaloric properties
F Cugini, G Porcari, T Rimoldi, D Orsi, S Fabbrici, F Albertini, M Solzi
JOM 69 (8), 1422-1426, 2017
Giant magneto–electric coupling in 100 nm thick Co capped by ZnO nanorods
G Vinai, B Ressel, P Torelli, F Loi, B Gobaut, R Ciancio, B Casarin, ...
Nanoscale 10 (3), 1326-1336, 2018
Tuning the magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of austenitic Ni-Mn-(In, Sn) Heuslers
G Cavazzini, F Cugini, ME Gruner, C Bennati, L Righi, S Fabbrici, ...
Scripta Materialia 170, 48-51, 2019
Interfacial Thermal Resistance in Magnetocaloric Epoxy‐Bonded La‐Fe‐Co‐Si Composites
K Sellschopp, B Weise, M Krautz, F Cugini, M Solzi, L Helmich, A Hütten, ...
Energy Technology 6 (8), 1448-1452, 2018
Adiabatic temperature change, magnetic entropy change and critical behavior near the ferromagnetic–paramagnetic phase transition in La0. 7 (Ca, Sr) 0.3 MnO3 perovskite
K Riahi, I Messaoui, A Ezaami, F Cugini, M Solzi, ...
Phase Transitions 91 (7), 691-702, 2018
Direct measurement of the magnetocaloric effect on micrometric Ni-Mn-(In, Sn) ribbons by the mirage effect under pulsed magnetic field
F Cugini, D Orsi, E Brück, M Solzi
Applied Physics Letters 113 (23), 232405, 2018
Rapid microwave synthesis of magnetocaloric Ni–Mn–Sn Heusler compounds
L Trombi, F Cugini, R Rosa, NS Amadè, S Chicco, M Solzi, P Veronesi
Scripta Materialia 176, 63-66, 2020
Scale-up of magnetocaloric NiCoMnIn Heuslers by powder metallurgy for room temperature magnetic refrigeration
F Puglielli, V Mussi, F Cugini, N Sarzi Amadè, M Solzi, C Bennati, ...
Frontiers in Energy Research 7, 150, 2020
Preliminary investigation on a rotary magnetocaloric refrigerator prototype
F Albertini, C Bennati, M Bianchi, L Branchini, F Cugini, A De Pascale, ...
Energy Procedia 142, 1288-1293, 2017
Investigation of the magnetic, electronic and magnetocaloric properties of La0. 7 (Ca, Sr) 0.3 Mn1-xGdxO3 manganites
K Riahi, A Ezaami, I Messaoui, M Solzi, W Cheikhrouhou-Koubaa, ...
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 441, 776-786, 2017
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