Frank Versluis
Frank Versluis
Veni laureate, Leiden University
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Shape and release control of a peptide decorated vesicle through pH sensitive orthogonal supramolecular interactions
F Versluis, I Tomatsu, S Kehr, C Fregonese, AWJW Tepper, MCA Stuart, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 131 (37), 13186-13187, 2009
Power struggles in peptide-amphiphile nanostructures
F Versluis, HR Marsden, A Kros
Chemical Society Reviews 39 (9), 3434-3444, 2010
In situ modification of plain liposomes with lipidated coiled coil forming peptides induces membrane fusion
F Versluis, J Voskuhl, B van Kolck, H Zope, M Bremmer, T Albregtse, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (21), 8057-8062, 2013
Controlling the rate of coiled coil driven membrane fusion
T Zheng, J Voskuhl, F Versluis, HR Zope, I Tomatsu, HR Marsden, A Kros
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In Vitro and In Vivo Supramolecular Modification of Biomembranes Using a Lipidated Coiled‐Coil Motif
HR Zope, F Versluis, A Ordas, J Voskuhl, HP Spaink, A Kros
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Catalysis of supramolecular hydrogelation
F Trausel, F Versluis, C Maity, JM Poolman, M Lovrak, JH van Esch, ...
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Synthetic self‐assembled materials in biological environments
F Versluis, JH van Esch, R Eelkema
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Membrane interactions of fusogenic coiled-coil peptides: implications for lipopeptide mediated vesicle fusion
M Rabe, C Schwieger, HR Zope, F Versluis, A Kros
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Immobilization of liposomes and vesicles on patterned surfaces by a peptide coiled‐coil binding motif
J Voskuhl, C Wendeln, F Versluis, EC Fritz, O Roling, H Zope, C Schulz, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 51 (50), 12616-12620, 2012
A toolbox for controlling the properties and functionalisation of hydrazone-based supramolecular hydrogels
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Influence of pegylation on peptide-mediated liposome fusion
I Tomatsu, HR Marsden, M Rabe, F Versluis, T Zheng, H Zope, A Kros
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Negatively charged lipid membranes catalyze supramolecular hydrogel formation
F Versluis, DM van Elsland, S Mytnyk, DL Perrier, F Trausel, JM Poolman, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (28), 8670-8673, 2016
Coiled-coil driven membrane fusion: zipper-like vs. non-zipper-like peptide orientation
F Versluis, J Dominguez, J Voskuhl, A Kros
Faraday discussions 166, 349-359, 2013
JW; Stuart, MCA; Ravoo, BJ; Koning, RI; Kros, A. Shape and Release Control of a Peptide Decorated Vesicle through pH Sensitive Orthogonal Supramolecular Interactions
F Versluis, I Tomatsu, S Kehr, C Fregonese, AW Tepper
J. Am. Chem. Soc 131 (37), 13186-13187, 2009
A non-zipper-like tetrameric coiled coil promotes membrane fusion
T Zheng, M Bulacu, G Daudey, F Versluis, J Voskuhl, G Martelli, J Raap, ...
RSC advances 6 (10), 7990-7998, 2016
Compartmentalizing Supramolecular Hydrogels Using Aqueous Multi‐phase Systems
S Mytnyk, AGL Olive, F Versluis, JM Poolman, E Mendes, R Eelkema, ...
Angewandte Chemie 129 (47), 15119-15123, 2017
Coiled coil driven membrane fusion between cyclodextrin vesicles and liposomes
F Versluis, J Voskuhl, J Vos, H Friedrich, BJ Ravoo, PHH Bomans, ...
Soft Matter 10 (48), 9746-9751, 2014
Power struggles between oligopeptides and cyclodextrin vesicles
F Versluis, J Voskuhl, MCA Stuart, JB Bultema, S Kehr, BJ Ravoo, A Kros
Soft Matter 8 (33), 8770-8777, 2012
Directed Nanoscale Self‐Assembly of Low Molecular Weight Hydrogelators Using Catalytic Nanoparticles
Y Wang, F Versluis, S Oldenhof, V Lakshminarayanan, K Zhang, Y Wang, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (21), 1707408, 2018
Determination of oligomeric states of peptide complexes using thermal unfolding curves
M Rabe, A Boyle, HR Zope, F Versluis, A Kros
Peptide Science 104 (2), 65-72, 2015
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