Ruud Kortlever
Ruud Kortlever
Assistant Professor, TU Delft
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Catalysts and reaction pathways for the electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide
R Kortlever, J Shen, KJP Schouten, F Calle-Vallejo, MTM Koper
The journal of physical chemistry letters 6 (20), 4073-4082, 2015
Electrochemical CO 2 reduction on Cu 2 O-derived copper nanoparticles: controlling the catalytic selectivity of hydrocarbons
R Kas, R Kortlever, A Milbrat, MTM Koper, G Mul, J Baltrusaitis
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Electrocatalytic reduction of carbon dioxide to carbon monoxide and methane at an immobilized cobalt protoporphyrin
J Shen, R Kortlever, R Kas, YY Birdja, O Diaz-Morales, Y Kwon, ...
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Manipulating the hydrocarbon selectivity of copper nanoparticles in CO2 electroreduction by process conditions
R Kas, R Kortlever, H Yılmaz, M Koper, G Mul
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Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to Formic Acid at Low Overpotential and with High Faradaic Efficiency on Carbon-Supported Bimetallic Pd–Pt Nanoparticles
R Kortlever, I Peters, S Koper, MTM Koper
Acs Catalysis 5 (7), 3916-3923, 2015
Three-dimensional porous hollow fibre copper electrodes for efficient and high-rate electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction
R Kas, KK Hummadi, R Kortlever, P De Wit, A Milbrat, ...
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Iridium-based double perovskites for efficient water oxidation in acid media
O Diaz-Morales, S Raaijman, R Kortlever, PJ Kooyman, T Wezendonk, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-6, 2016
CO2 Reduction Selective for C≥2 Products on Polycrystalline Copper with N-Substituted Pyridinium Additives
Z Han, R Kortlever, HY Chen, JC Peters, T Agapie
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R Kortlever, KH Tan, Y Kwon, MTM Koper
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 17 (7), 1843-1849, 2013
Enhanced electrocatalytic activity of Au@ Cu core@ shell nanoparticles towards CO 2 reduction
J Monzó, Y Malewski, R Kortlever, FJ Vidal-Iglesias, J Solla-Gullón, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (47), 23690-23698, 2015
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Electrolyte effects on the electrochemical reduction of CO2
MM de Salles Pupo, R Kortlever
ChemPhysChem 20 (22), 2926, 2019
Electrochemical CO 2 reduction on nanostructured metal electrodes: fact or defect?
R Kas, K Yang, D Bohra, R Kortlever, T Burdyny, WA Smith
Chemical Science 11 (7), 1738-1749, 2020
Kinetics of photocatalytic water oxidation at liposomes: membrane anchoring stabilizes the photosensitizer
B Limburg, J Wermink, SS Van Nielen, R Kortlever, MTM Koper, ...
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ER Corson, R Kas, R Kostecki, JJ Urban, WA Smith, BD McCloskey, ...
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Local structure and composition of PtRh nanoparticles produced through cathodic corrosion
TJP Hersbach, R Kortlever, M Lehtimäki, P Krtil, MTM Koper
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (16), 10301-10308, 2017
Gastight hydrodynamic electrochemistry: design for a hermetically sealed rotating disk electrode cell
S Jung, R Kortlever, RJR Jones, MF Lichterman, T Agapie, CCL McCrory, ...
Analytical chemistry 89 (1), 581-585, 2017
Oxidation reactions in chromium (III) formate electrolytes at platinum and at a catalytic mixed metal oxide coating of iridium oxide and tantalum oxide
J Wijenberg, ACA de Vooys, R Kortlever, MTM Koper
Electrochimica Acta 213, 194-200, 2016
Modeling the Performance of an Integrated Battery and Electrolyzer System
AM Raventos, G Kluivers, JW Haverkort, W De Jong, FM Mulder, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 60 (30), 10988-10996, 2021
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