David Kilian
David Kilian
Stanford University, Materials Science and Engineering
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Investigating the effect of sterilisation methods on the physical properties and cytocompatibility of methyl cellulose used in combination with alginate for 3D-bioplotting of …
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Hyaluronan/collagen hydrogels with sulfated hyaluronan for improved repair of vascularized tissue tune the binding of proteins and promote endothelial cell growth
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A Versatile Biocompatible Antibiotic Delivery System Based on Self‐Assembling Peptides with Antimicrobial and Regenerative Potential
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Engineering Considerations on Extrusion-based Bioprinting: Interactions of Material Behavior, Mechanical Forces and Cells in the Printing Needle [J]. Biofabrication, 12 (2): 025022
J Emmermacher, D Spura, J Cziommer, D Kilian, T Wollborn, U Fritsching, ...
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