Claudia Graiff
Claudia Graiff
Professor of Chemistry, University of Parma, Italy
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3D printed chitosan scaffolds: A new TiO2 support for the photocatalytic degradation of amoxicillin in water
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Chiral Phosphoramidite Ligands Based on 8‐Chloroquinoline and Their Rhodium (III), Palladium (II), and Platinum (II) Complexes
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Self-assembly of polyoxoselenitopalladate nanostars [Pd 15 (μ 3-SeO 3) 10 (μ 3-O) 10 Na] 9− and their supramolecular pairing in the solid state
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Ring‐Opening of Lawesson’s Reagent: New Syntheses of Phosphono‐ and Amidophosphono‐Dithioato Complexes − Structural and CP‐MAS 31P‐NMR Characterization of [p‐CH3OPh(X)PS2]2M (X = MeO …
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Synthesis of diphosphine-substituted selenido carbonyl iron clusters: Progressive deformation of the Fe3Se2 core in the nido clusters [Fe3Se2 (CO) 7μ-(Ph2P) 2R] by widening the …
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