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miR-133 and miR-30 regulate connective tissue growth factor: implications for a role of microRNAs in myocardial matrix remodeling
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Disruption of the Cathepsin K Gene Reduces Atherosclerosis Progression and Induces Plaque Fibrosis but Accelerates Macrophage Foam Cell Formation
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The microRNA-15 family inhibits the TGFβ-pathway in the heart
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Conserved NPPB+ Border Zone Switches From MEF2- to AP-1–Driven Gene Program
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A transgenic mouse model for the simultaneous monitoring of ANF and BNP gene activity during heart development and disease
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Cardiac circRNAs arise mainly from constitutive exons rather than alternatively spliced exons
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Resveratrol Inhibits Aortic Root Dilatation in the Fbn1C1039G/+ Marfan Mouse Model
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Development 143 (12), 2135-2146, 2016
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