Paul Gignac
Paul Gignac
Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences
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Diffusible iodine‐based contrast‐enhanced computed tomography (diceCT): an emerging tool for rapid, high‐resolution, 3‐D imaging of metazoan soft tissues
PM Gignac, NJ Kley, JA Clarke, MW Colbert, AC Morhardt, D Cerio, ...
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Iodine‐enhanced micro‐CT imaging: Methodological refinements for the study of the soft‐tissue anatomy of post‐embryonic vertebrates
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Insights into the Ecology and Evolutionary Success of Crocodilians Revealed through Bite-Force and Tooth-Pressure Experimentation
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Best practices for digitally constructing endocranial casts: examples from birds and their dinosaurian relatives
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Ontogenetic changes in dental form and tooth pressures facilitate developmental niche shifts in American alligators
GME Paul M. Gignac
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The Biomechanics Behind Extreme Osteophagy in Tyrannosaurus rex
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Ontogenetic bite‐force modeling of Alligator mississippiensis: implications for dietary transitions in a large‐bodied vertebrate and the evolution of crocodylian feeding
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Are endocasts good proxies for brain size and shape in archosaurs throughout ontogeny?
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Suchian feeding success at the interface of ontogeny and macroevolution
P Gignac, H O’Brien
Integrative and Comparative Biology 56 (3), 449-458, 2016
A comparison of postnatal arterial patterns in a growth series of giraffe (Artiodactyla: Giraffa camelopardalis)
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Flying starlings, PET and the evolution of volant dinosaurs
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A bigger picture: organismal function at the nexus of development, ecology, and evolution: an introduction to the symposium
PM Gignac, SE Santana
Integrative and comparative biology 56 (3), 369-372, 2016
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