Sjoerd van den Worm
Sjoerd van den Worm
Assistant Staff Scientist, Oregon Health and Science University
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SARS-coronavirus replication is supported by a reticulovesicular network of modified endoplasmic reticulum
K Knoops, M Kikkert, SHE Van Den Worm, JC Zevenhoven-Dobbe, ...
PLoS Biol 6 (9), e226, 2008
Zn2+ inhibits coronavirus and arterivirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro and zinc ionophores block the replication of these viruses in cell culture
AJW Te Velthuis, SHE van den Worm, AC Sims, RS Baric, EJ Snijder, ...
PLoS pathogens 6 (11), e1001176, 2010
The three-dimensional structures of two complexes between recombinant MS2 capsids and RNA operator fragments reveal sequence-specific protein-RNA interactions
K Valegård, JB Murray, NJ Stonehouse, S van den Worm, PG Stockley, ...
Journal of molecular biology 270 (5), 724-738, 1997
SARS-coronavirus replication/transcription complexes are membrane-protected and need a host factor for activity in vitro
MJ Van Hemert, SHE Van Den Worm, K Knoops, AM Mommaas, ...
PLoS Pathog 4 (5), e1000054, 2008
The RNA polymerase activity of SARS-coronavirus nsp12 is primer dependent
AJW Te Velthuis, JJ Arnold, CE Cameron, SHE van den Worm, EJ Snijder
Nucleic acids research 38 (1), 203-214, 2010
The SARS-coronavirus nsp7+nsp8 complex is a unique multimeric RNA polymerase capable of both de novo initiation and primer extension
AJW Te Velthuis, SHE Van Den Worm, EJ Snijder
Nucleic acids research 40 (4), 1737-1747, 2012
Group 2 coronaviruses prevent immediate early interferon induction by protection of viral RNA from host cell recognition
GA Versteeg, PJ Bredenbeek, SHE van den Worm, WJM Spaan
Virology 361 (1), 18-26, 2007
Nucleotide sequence of a ssRNA phage from Acinetobacter: kinship to coliphagesThe GenBank accession number of the sequence reported in this paper is AF 334111.
J Klovins, GP Overbeek, SHE Van den Worm, HW Ackermann, J Van Duin
Journal of general Virology 83 (6), 1523-1533, 2002
Crystal structures of MS2 coat protein mutants in complex with wild-type RNA operator fragments
SHE van den Worm, K Valegård, K Fridborg, L Liljas, NJ Stonehouse, ...
Nucleic acids research 26 (5), 1345-1351, 1998
Visualization by cryo-electron microscopy of genomic RNA that binds to the protein capsid inside bacteriophage MS2
R Koning, S van den Worm, JR Plaisier, J van Duin, JP Abrahams, ...
Journal of molecular biology 332 (2), 415-422, 2003
Entrapping ribosomes for viral translation: tRNA mimicry as a molecular Trojan horse
S Barends, HHJ Bink, SHE van den Worm, CWA Pleij, B Kraal
Cell 112 (1), 123-129, 2003
Integrity of the early secretory pathway promotes, but is not required for, severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus RNA synthesis and virus-induced remodeling of …
K Knoops, C Swett-Tapia, SHE Van Den Worm, AJW Te Velthuis, ...
Journal of virology 84 (2), 833-846, 2010
Reverse genetics of SARS-related coronavirus using vaccinia virus-based recombination
SHE van den Worm, KK Eriksson, JC Zevenhoven, F Weber, R Züst, ...
PloS one 7 (3), e32857, 2012
Cryo Electron Microscopy Reconstructions of the Leviviridae Unveil the Densest Icosahedral RNA Packing Possible
SHE van den Worm, RI Koning, HJ Warmenhoven, HK Koerten, ...
Journal of molecular biology 363 (4), 858-865, 2006
Crystal structures of MS2 capsids with mutations in the subunit FG loop
NJ Stonehouse, K Valegård, R Golmohammadi, S van den Worm, ...
Journal of molecular biology 256 (2), 330-339, 1996
Crystallographic studies of RNA hairpins in complexes with recombinant MS2 capsids: implications for binding requirements.
E Grahn, NJ Stonehouse, JB Murray, S Van Den Worm, K Valegård, ...
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Base complementarity in helix 2 of the central pseudoknot in 16S rRNA is essential for ribosome functioning
RA Poot, SHE van den Worm, CWA Pleij, J van Duin
Nucleic acids research 26 (2), 549-553, 1998
New structure model for the packaging signal in the genome of group IIa coronaviruses
SC Chen, E Van Den Born, SHE Van Den Worm, CWA Pleij, EJ Snijder, ...
Journal of virology 81 (12), 6771-6774, 2007
The SARS-coronavirus nsp7+ nsp8 complex is a unique multimeric RNA polymerase capable of both de novo initiation and primer extension
A Velthuis, SHE van den Worm, EJ Snijder
Development and RNA-synthesizing activity of coronavirus replication structures in the absence of protein synthesis
SHE van den Worm, K Knoops, JC Zevenhoven-Dobbe, C Beugeling, ...
Journal of virology 85 (11), 5669-5673, 2011
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