Ariane Briegel
Ariane Briegel
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Universal architecture of bacterial chemoreceptor arrays
A Briegel, DR Ortega, EI Tocheva, K Wuichet, Z Li, S Chen, A Müller, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (40), 17181-17186, 2009
A self-associating protein critical for chromosome attachment, division, and polar organization in caulobacter
G Ebersbach, A Briegel, GJ Jensen, C Jacobs-Wagner
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Structural diversity of bacterial flagellar motors
S Chen, M Beeby, GE Murphy, JR Leadbetter, DR Hendrixson, A Briegel, ...
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The metabolic enzyme CTP synthase forms cytoskeletal filaments
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Bacterial chemoreceptor arrays are hexagonally packed trimers of receptor dimers networked by rings of kinase and coupling proteins
A Briegel, X Li, AM Bilwes, KT Hughes, GJ Jensen, BR Crane
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (10), 3766-3771, 2012
An improved cryogen for plunge freezing
WF Tivol, A Briegel, GJ Jensen
Microscopy and microanalysis: the official journal of Microscopy Society of …, 2008
Electron cryotomography sample preparation using the Vitrobot
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Bactofilins, a ubiquitous class of cytoskeletal proteins mediating polar localization of a cell wall synthase in Caulobacter crescentus
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Multiple large filament bundles observed in Caulobacter crescentus by electron cryotomography
A Briegel, DP Dias, Z Li, RB Jensen, AS Frangakis, GJ Jensen
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The unique structure of archaeal ‘hami’, highly complex cell appendages with nano‐grappling hooks
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How electron cryotomography is opening a new window onto prokaryotic ultrastructure
GJ Jensen, A Briegel
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Structure of bacterial cytoplasmic chemoreceptor arrays and implications for chemotactic signaling
A Briegel, MS Ladinsky, C Oikonomou, CW Jones, MJ Harris, DJ Fowler, ...
Elife 3, e02151, 2014
Long helical filaments are not seen encircling cells in electron cryotomograms of rod-shaped bacteria
MT Swulius, S Chen, HJ Ding, Z Li, A Briegel, M Pilhofer, EI Tocheva, ...
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New insights into bacterial chemoreceptor array structure and assembly from electron cryotomography
A Briegel, ML Wong, HL Hodges, CM Oikonomou, KN Piasta, MJ Harris, ...
Biochemistry 53 (10), 1575-1585, 2014
DipM, a new factor required for peptidoglycan remodelling during cell division in Caulobacter crescentus
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Correlated light and electron cryo-microscopy
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Ignicoccus hospitalis and Nanoarchaeum equitans: ultrastructure, cell–cell interaction, and 3D reconstruction from serial sections of freeze-substituted cells and by electron …
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Structural conservation of chemotaxis machinery across A rchaea and B acteria
A Briegel, DR Ortega, AN Huang, CM Oikonomou, RP Gunsalus, ...
Environmental microbiology reports 7 (3), 414-419, 2015
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