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Nico Betterle
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Light-induced dissociation of an antenna hetero-oligomer is needed for non-photochemical quenching induction
N Betterle, M Ballottari, S Zorzan, S de Bianchi, S Cazzaniga, L Dall'Osto, ...
Journal of Biological Chemistry 284 (22), 15255-15266, 2009
Arabidopsis mutants deleted in the light-harvesting protein Lhcb4 have a disrupted photosystem II macrostructure and are defective in photoprotection
S de Bianchi, N Betterle, R Kouril, S Cazzaniga, E Boekema, R Bassi, ...
The Plant Cell 23 (7), 2659-2679, 2011
Magnetic nanoparticles from Magnetospirillum gryphiswaldense increase the efficacy of thermotherapy in a model of colon carcinoma
S Mannucci, L Ghin, G Conti, S Tambalo, A Lascialfari, T Orlando, ...
PloS one 9 (10), e108959, 2014
Dynamics of zeaxanthin binding to the photosystem II monomeric antenna protein Lhcb6 (CP24) and modulation of its photoprotection properties
N Betterle, M Ballottari, R Hienerwadel, L Dall’Osto, R Bassi
Archives of biochemistry and biophysics 504 (1), 67-77, 2010
Enhancement of Non-Photochemical Quenching in the Bryophyte Physcomitrella patens During Acclimation to Salt and Osmotic Stress
G Azzabi, A Pinnola, N Betterle, R Bassi, A Alboresi
Plant and cell physiology 53 (10), 1815-1825, 2012
Identification of the chromophores involved in aggregation-dependent energy quenching of the monomeric photosystem II antenna protein Lhcb5
M Ballottari, J Girardon, N Betterle, T Morosinotto, R Bassi
Journal of Biological Chemistry 285 (36), 28309-28321, 2010
High light-dependent phosphorylation of photosystem II inner antenna CP29 in monocots is STN7 independent and enhances nonphotochemical quenching
N Betterle, M Ballottari, S Baginsky, R Bassi
Plant Physiology 167 (2), 457-471, 2015
Deletion of the chloroplast LTD protein impedes LHCI import and PSI–LHCI assembly in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
J Jeong, K Baek, J Yu, H Kirst, N Betterle, W Shin, S Bae, A Melis, ES Jin
Journal of experimental botany 69 (5), 1147-1158, 2018
Heterologous leader sequences in fusion constructs enhance expression of geranyl diphosphate synthase and yield of β-phellandrene production in cyanobacteria (Synechocystis)
N Betterle, A Melis
ACS synthetic biology 7 (3), 912-921, 2018
Downregulation of the CpSRP43 gene expression confers a truncated light-harvesting antenna (TLA) and enhances biomass and leaf-to-stem ratio in Nicotiana tabacum canopies
H Kirst, Y Shen, E Vamvaka, N Betterle, D Xu, U Warek, JA Strickland, ...
Planta 248 (1), 139-154, 2018
Design of a highly thermostable hemicellulose-degrading blend from Thermotoga neapolitana for the treatment of lignocellulosic biomass
M Benedetti, V Vecchi, N Betterle, A Natali, R Bassi, L Dall’Osto
Journal of biotechnology 296, 42-52, 2019
Photosynthetic generation of heterologous terpenoids in cyanobacteria
N Betterle, A Melis
Biotechnology and bioengineering 116 (8), 2041-2051, 2019
The STN 8 kinase‐PBCP phosphatase system is responsible for high‐light‐induced reversible phosphorylation of the PSII inner antenna subunit CP 29 in rice
N Betterle, RS Poudyal, A Rosa, G Wu, R Bassi, CH Lee
The Plant Journal 89 (4), 681-691, 2017
Cyanobacterial Production of Biopharmaceutical and Biotherapeutic Proteins
N Betterle, D Hidalgo Martinez, A Melis
Frontiers in plant science 11, 237, 2020
Recombinant Protein Stability in Cyanobacteria
X Zhang, N Betterle, D Hidalgo Martinez, A Melis
ACS Synthetic Biology 10 (4), 810-825, 2021
Domesticazione delle alghe unicellulari per la produzione di biocombustibili in fotobioreattore
R Bassi, S Berteotti, M Ballottari, A Alboresi, N Betterle
Domesticazione delle alghe unicellulari per la produzione di biocombustibili …, 2012
Domestication of unicellular algae for biofuel production in a photobioreactor.
R Bassi, S Berteotti, M Ballottari, A Alboresi, N Betterle, L Dall'Osto
Georgofili 9 (Supplemento 9), 69-85, 2012
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N Betterle, R Bassi, P Marzola, A Sbarbati
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