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Benjamin Theek
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Passive versus active tumor targeting using RGD-and NGR-modified polymeric nanomedicines
S Kunjachan, R Pola, F Gremse, B Theek, J Ehling, D Moeckel, ...
Nano letters 14 (2), 972-981, 2014
Recent progress in nanomedicine: therapeutic, diagnostic and theranostic applications
LY Rizzo, B Theek, G Storm, F Kiessling, T Lammers
Current opinion in biotechnology 24 (6), 1159-1166, 2013
Tumor targeting via EPR: Strategies to enhance patient responses
SK Golombek, JN May, B Theek, L Appold, N Drude, F Kiessling, ...
Advanced drug delivery reviews 130, 17-38, 2018
Complete Regression of Xenograft Tumors upon Targeted Delivery of Paclitaxel via Π–Π Stacking Stabilized Polymeric Micelles
Y Shi, R Van Der Meel, B Theek, E Oude Blenke, EHE Pieters, ...
ACS nano 9 (4), 3740-3752, 2015
Image-guided, targeted and triggered drug delivery to tumors using polymer-based microbubbles
S Fokong, B Theek, Z Wu, P Koczera, L Appold, S Jorge, U Resch-Genger, ...
Journal of controlled release 163 (1), 75-81, 2012
Micro-CT imaging of tumor angiogenesis: quantitative measures describing micromorphology and vascularization
J Ehling, B Theek, F Gremse, S Baetke, D Möckel, J Maynard, SA Ricketts, ...
The American journal of pathology 184 (2), 431-441, 2014
Noninvasive optical imaging of nanomedicine biodistribution
S Kunjachan, F Gremse, B Theek, P Koczera, R Pola, M Pechar, T Etrych, ...
ACS nano 7 (1), 252-262, 2013
Sonoporation enhances liposome accumulation and penetration in tumors with low EPR
B Theek, M Baues, T Ojha, D Möckel, SK Veettil, J Steitz, L van Bloois, ...
Journal of controlled release 231, 77-85, 2016
Characterizing EPR-mediated passive drug targeting using contrast-enhanced functional ultrasound imaging
B Theek, F Gremse, S Kunjachan, S Fokong, R Pola, M Pechar, ...
Journal of controlled release 182, 83-89, 2014
Overcoming cellular multidrug resistance using classical nanomedicine formulations
S Kunjachan, A Błauż, D Möckel, B Theek, F Kiessling, T Etrych, K Ulbrich, ...
European journal of pharmaceutical sciences 45 (4), 421-428, 2012
Motion model ultrasound localization microscopy for preclinical and clinical multiparametric tumor characterization
T Opacic, S Dencks, B Theek, M Piepenbrock, D Ackermann, A Rix, ...
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-13, 2018
Biofabrication under fluorocarbon: a novel freeform fabrication technique to generate high aspect ratio tissue-engineered constructs
A Blaeser, DF Duarte Campos, M Weber, S Neuss, B Theek, H Fischer, ...
BioResearch open access 2 (5), 374-384, 2013
The theranostic path to personalized nanomedicine
B Theek, LY Rizzo, J Ehling, F Kiessling, T Lammers
Clinical and translational imaging 2 (1), 67-76, 2014
Absorption reconstruction improves biodistribution assessment of fluorescent nanoprobes using hybrid fluorescence-mediated tomography
F Gremse, B Theek, S Kunjachan, W Lederle, A Pardo, S Barth, ...
Theranostics 4 (10), 960, 2014
Engineering biofunctional in vitro vessel models using a multilayer bioprinting technique
J Schöneberg, F De Lorenzi, B Theek, A Blaeser, D Rommel, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-13, 2018
Molecular ultrasound imaging of αvβ3-integrin expression in carotid arteries of pigs after vessel injury
A Rix, S Fokong, S Heringer, R Pjontek, L Kabelitz, B Theek, ...
Investigative radiology 51 (12), 767-775, 2016
Radiomic analysis of contrast-enhanced ultrasound data
B Theek, T Opacic, Z Magnuska, T Lammers, F Kiessling
Scientific Reports 8 (1), 1-9, 2018
Advanced ultrasound technologies for diagnosis and therapy
A Rix, W Lederle, B Theek, T Lammers, C Moonen, G Schmitz, F Kiessling
Journal of Nuclear Medicine 59 (5), 740-746, 2018
PEG-pHPMAm-based polymeric micelles loaded with doxorubicin-prodrugs in combination antitumor therapy with oncolytic vaccinia viruses
E Ruiz-Hernández, M Hess, GJ Melen, B Theek, M Talelli, Y Shi, ...
Polymer chemistry 5 (5), 1674-1681, 2014
Histidine-rich glycoprotein-induced vascular normalization improves EPR-mediated drug targeting to and into tumors
B Theek, M Baues, F Gremse, R Pola, M Pechar, I Negwer, K Koynov, ...
Journal of controlled release 282, 25-34, 2018
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