Hanna Abbo
Hanna Abbo
Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Basrah
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Geciteerd door
Bimetallic Ni‒Co phosphide nanosheets self-supported on nickel foam as high-performance electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
C Yu, F Xu, L Luo, HS Abbo, SJJ Titinchi, PK Shen, P Tsiakaras, S Yin
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HS Abbo, SJJ Titinchi, R Prasad, S Chand
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Di-, tri-and tetra-valent ion-exchanged NaY zeolite: Active heterogeneous catalysts for hydroxylation of benzene and phenol
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Platinum (II) and Ruthenium (II) complexes in medicine: Antimycobacterial and Anti-HIV activities
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Synthesis and catalytic activity of Cu (II), Fe (III) and Bi (III) complexes of thio-Schiff base encapsulated in zeolite-Y for hydroxylation of phenol
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Modulation of P-glycoprotein activity by novel synthetic curcumin derivatives in sensitive and multidrug-resistant T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines
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Chemically modified solid adsorbents for CO2 capture
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Tri-and tetradentate copper complexes: a comparative study on homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis over oxidation reactions
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Selective oxidation reactions over tri-and tetradentate oxovanadium (IV) complexes encapsulated in zeolite-Y
G von Willingh, HS Abbo, SJJ Titinchi
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A New Vanadium (III) Complex of 2, 6-Bis (3, 5-diphenylpyrazol-1-ylmethyl) pyridine as a Catalyst for Ethylene Polymerization
HS Abbo, SJJ Titinchi
Molecules 18 (4), 4728-4738, 2013
Enhancement of oxygen reduction activity and stability via introducing acid-resistant refractory Mo and regulating the near-surface Pt content
S Feng, J Lu, L Luo, G Qian, J Chen, HS Abbo, SJJ Titinchi, S Yin
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Carbon nanomaterials for wastewater treatment
HS Abbo, KC Gupta, NG Khaligh, SJJ Titinchi
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Cu2S‐Cu3P Nanowire Arrays Self‐Supported on Copper Foam as Boosting Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution
F Xu, J Lu, L Luo, C Yu, Z Tang, HS Abbo, SJJ Titinchi, J Zhu, ...
Energy Technology 7 (4), 1800993, 2019
Bis (pyrazolyl) pyridine vanadium (III) complexes as highly active ethylene polymerization catalysts
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Investigation of [Ni {Me4Bzo2 [14] aneN4}] Cl2 catalyzed selective hydroxylation of phenol to catechol by H2O2 in the homogeneous medium
HS Abbo, SJJ Titinchi, S Chand, R Prasad
Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical 218 (2), 125-132, 2004
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