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Transport properties of composites with carbon nanotube‐based composites
LY Matzui, IV Ovsienko, TA Len, YI Prylutskyy, P Scharff
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IV Ovsienko, TA Len, LY Matzui, YI Prylutskyy, U Ritter, P Scharff, ...
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Transport properties of carbon nanotube–metal nanocomposites
I Ovsienko, T Len, L Matzui, Y Prylutskyy, P Eklund, F Normand, U Ritter, ...
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Magnetoresistance and electrical resistivity of N‐doped multi‐walled carbon nanotubes at low temperatures
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The effect of thermal and chemical treatment on the structural and phase composition of nanocarbon materials
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Magnetometric studies of catalyst refuses in nanocarbon materials
IV Ovsienko, LY Matzuy, NI Zakharenko, NG Babich, TA Len, YI Prylutskyy, ...
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Magnetoresistance of functionalized carbon nanotubes: Der magnetoresistive Effekt von funktionalisierten Kohlenstoffnanoröhren
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I Ovsiienko, L Matzui, I Berkutov, T Len, Y Prylutskyy, O Prokopov, U Ritter
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VY Tkachuk, IV Ovsiyenko, LY Matzui, TA Len, YI Prylutskyy, ...
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Investigation of the Field and Temperature Dependences of the Resistance of Nanocarbons Modified by Nickel and Cobalt
TA Len, IV Ovsienko, LY Matzui, VY Tkachuk
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Electrical resistance and magnetoresistance of modified carbon nanotubes
TA Len, IV Ovsienko, LY Matzui, AV Tugay
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The Structural Studies of Phase Transitions in the Graphite Intercalation Compounds with Iodine Chloride and Bromine
IV Ovsiienko, TA Len, OI Prokopov, MO Borovoy, LY Matzui, ...
Sumy State University, 2019
Electrical and Thermal Conductivity of Ternary Composites Graphite Nanoplatelets/TiO2/Epoxy
LL Vovchenko, TA Len, LY Matzui, OV Turkov, YS Perets
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Особливості мікроструктури хімічно отриманих графеноподібних частинок
I Ovsiienko, T Len, L Matzui, O Lazarenko, F Le Normand, A Shames
Ukrainian Journal of Physics 63 (8), 759-759, 2018
Phase transitions in the graphite intercalation compound with bromine
OI Prokopov, IV Ovsiienko, VV Strelchuk, OF Kolomys, LY Matzui, TA Len
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 672 (1), 41-53, 2018
The Effect of Ultraviolet Irradiation on the Electro-transport Properties of Carbon Nanotubes
D Marinin, IV Ovsiienko, TA Len, LY Matzui, YI Prylutskyy, DD Naumova, ...
International Conference on Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials, 145-163, 2018
Features of microstructure of chemically obtained graphene-like particles
I Ovsiienko, T Len, L Matzui, O Lazarenko, NF Le, A Shames
Ukrainian journal of physics, 759-766, 2018
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