Tijl van der Velden
Tijl van der Velden
PostDoc, UMC Utrecht
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Geciteerd door
Radiofrequency configuration to facilitate bilateral breast 31P MR spectroscopic imaging and high‐resolution MRI at 7 Tesla
TA Van der Velden, M Italiaander, WJM van der Kemp, AJE Raaijmakers, ...
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Temporal B0 field variation effects on MRSI of the human prostate at 7 T and feasibility of correction using an internal field probe
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Improved fat suppression of the breast using discretized frequency shimming
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Concurrent use of 4 gradient axis enable eddy current compensation of an unshielded gradient insert coil
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A plug‐and‐play, lightweight, single‐axis gradient insert design for increasing spatiotemporal resolution in echo planar imaging‐based brain imaging
E Versteeg, TA van der Velden, CC van Leeuwen, M Borgo, ER Huijing, ...
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PCA denoising and Wiener deconvolution of 31P 3D CSI data to enhance effective SNR and improve point spread function
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Magnetic resonance in medicine 85 (6), 2992-3009, 2021
Placement of field probes for stabilization of breathing-induced B0-fluctuations in the brain
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ISMRM 23rd Annual Meeting & Exhibition, 2015
Multi atlas based segmentations: a comparison between binary and probabilistic methods
TA van der Velden
Feasibility of 31P spectroscopic imaging at 7T in lung carcinoma patients
JJJC Verhoeff, TTA van der Velden, WWJM van der Kemp, DDWJ Klomp, ...
Tools for quantitative MR imaging and spectroscopy for the improvement of …, 2020
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