Partha Pratim Jana
Partha Pratim Jana
Associate Professor, IIT Kharagpur
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Cited by
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Synthesis, structure, magnetic property and self-assembly of two double end-on azide bridged ferromagnetic nickel (II) complexes with distinct bidentate blocking ligands: A …
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Co-crystallization of Keggin type polyoxometalates [HL] 3 [PW12O40] and [Ln (DMF) 8][PW12O40](Ln= La, Dy, Yb)(L= N-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-3-methoxy-salicylideneamine): Syntheses …
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Atomic Ordering of Two Neighboring Transition Metals—Cu and Zn from Binary CuZn to Ternary Cu3ZnSb
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Inorganic Chemistry 57 (19), 11970-11977, 2018
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