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RNase ZS1 processes UbL40 mRNAs and controls thermosensitive genic male sterility in rice
H Zhou, M Zhou, Y Yang, J Li, L Zhu, D Jiang, J Dong, Q Liu, L Gu, L Zhou, ...
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Dicer-like 3 produces transposable element-associated 24-nt siRNAs that control agricultural traits in rice
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Degradome sequencing reveals endogenous small RNA targets in rice (Oryza sativa L. ssp. indica)
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Arginine methylation mediated by the Arabidopsis homolog of PRMT5 is essential for proper pre-mRNA splicing
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Photoactivation and inactivation of Arabidopsis cryptochrome 2
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Concerted genomic targeting of H3K27 demethylase REF6 and chromatin-remodeling ATPase BRM in Arabidopsis
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NOT2 Proteins Promote Polymerase II–Dependent Transcription and Interact with Multiple MicroRNA Biogenesis Factors in Arabidopsis
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Comprehensive profiling of rhizome‐associated alternative splicing and alternative polyadenylation in moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis)
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Identification and Characterization of an Epi-Allele of FIE1 Reveals a Regulatory Linkage between Two Epigenetic Marks in Rice
L Zhang, Z Cheng, R Qin, Y Qiu, JL Wang, X Cui, L Gu, X Zhang, X Guo, ...
The Plant Cell 24 (11), 4407-4421, 2012
REF6 recognizes a specific DNA sequence to demethylate H3K27me3 and regulate organ boundary formation in Arabidopsis
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Analysis of transcriptome and epitranscriptome in plants using PacBio Iso-Seq and nanopore-based direct RNA sequencing
L Zhao, H Zhang, MV Kohnen, KVSK Prasad, L Gu, ASN Reddy
Frontiers in genetics 10, 253, 2019
Integrative genome-wide analysis reveals HLP1, a novel RNA-binding protein, regulates plant flowering by targeting alternative polyadenylation
Y Zhang, L Gu, Y Hou, L Wang, X Deng, R Hang, D Chen, X Zhang, ...
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An oomycete plant pathogen reprograms host pre-mRNA splicing to subvert immunity
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RNA binding proteins RZ-1B and RZ-1C play critical roles in regulating pre-mRNA splicing and gene expression during development in Arabidopsis
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A CRY–BIC negative‐feedback circuitry regulating blue light sensitivity of Arabidopsis
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Beyond the photocycle—how cryptochromes regulate photoresponses in plants?
Q Wang, Z Zuo, X Wang, Q Liu, L Gu, Y Oka, C Lin
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Recruitment of the NineTeen Complex to the activated spliceosome requires AtPRMT5
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Transcriptome characterization of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis) seedlings in response to exogenous gibberellin applications
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The features and regulation of co-transcriptional splicing in Arabidopsis
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Molecular plant 13 (2), 278-294, 2020
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