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Academic achievement: The unique contribution of self-efficacy beliefs in self-regulated learning beyond intelligence, personality traits, and self-esteem
A Zuffianò, G Alessandri, M Gerbino, BPL Kanacri, L Di Giunta, M Milioni, ...
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The Development of Prosociality from Adolescence to Early Adulthood: The Role of Effortful Control
BPL Kanacri, C Pastorelli, N Eisenberg, A Zuffianò, GV Caprara
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T Malti, MP Chaparro, A Zuffianò, T Colasante
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Why and how to promote adolescents’ prosocial behaviors: Direct, mediated and moderated effects of the CEPIDEA school-based program
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BPL Kanacri, C Pastorelli, N Eisenberg, A Zuffianò, V Castellani, ...
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G Alessandri, A Zuffianò, E Perinelli
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BPL Kanacri, C Pastorelli, A Zuffiano, N Eisenberg, R Ceravolo, ...
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Prosociality during the transition from late adolescence to young adulthood: The role of effortful control and ego-resiliency
G Alessandri, BP Luengo Kanacri, N Eisenberg, A Zuffianò, M Milioni, ...
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The role of difficulty in identifying and describing feelings in non-suicidal self-injury behavior (NSSI): associations with perceived attachment quality, stressful life events …
R Cerutti, A Zuffianò, V Spensieri
Frontiers in psychology 9, 318, 2018
Do moral emotions buffer the anger-aggression link in children and adolescents?
T Colasante, A Zuffiano, T Malti
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Daily deviations in anger, guilt, and sympathy: A developmental diary study of aggression
T Colasante, A Zuffianò, T Malti
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The relation of pro‐sociality to self‐Esteem: The mediational role of quality of friendships
A Zuffianò, N Eisenberg, G Alessandri, BP Luengo Kanacri, C Pastorelli, ...
Journal of Personality 84 (1), 59-70, 2016
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