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Tet proteins can convert 5-methylcytosine to 5-formylcytosine and 5-carboxylcytosine
S Ito, L Shen, Q Dai, SC Wu, LB Collins, JA Swenberg, C He, Y Zhang
Science 333 (6047), 1300-1303, 2011
Tet-mediated formation of 5-carboxylcytosine and its excision by TDG in mammalian DNA
YF He, BZ Li, Z Li, P Liu, Y Wang, Q Tang, J Ding, Y Jia, Z Chen, L Li, ...
Science 333 (6047), 1303-1307, 2011
N6-methyladenosine in nuclear RNA is a major substrate of the obesity-associated FTO
G Jia, YE Fu, XU Zhao, Q Dai, G Zheng, Y Yang, C Yi, T Lindahl, T Pan, ...
Nature chemical biology 7 (12), 885-887, 2011
N6-methyladenosine-dependent regulation of messenger RNA stability
X Wang, Z Lu, A Gomez, GC Hon, Y Yue, D Han, Y Fu, M Parisien, Q Dai, ...
Nature 505 (7481), 117-120, 2014
ALKBH5 is a mammalian RNA demethylase that impacts RNA metabolism and mouse fertility
G Zheng, JA Dahl, Y Niu, P Fedorcsak, CM Huang, CJ Li, CB Vågbø, ...
Molecular cell 49 (1), 18-29, 2013
A METTL3–METTL14 complex mediates mammalian nuclear RNA N6-adenosine methylation
J Liu, Y Yue, D Han, X Wang, Y Fu, L Zhang, G Jia, M Yu, Z Lu, X Deng, ...
Nature chemical biology 10 (2), 93-95, 2014
N6-methyladenosine-dependent RNA structural switches regulate RNA–protein interactions
N Liu, Q Dai, G Zheng, C He, M Parisien, T Pan
Nature 518 (7540), 560-564, 2015
Tet2 loss leads to increased hematopoietic stem cell self-renewal and myeloid transformation
K Moran-Crusio, L Reavie, A Shih, O Abdel-Wahab, D Ndiaye-Lobry, ...
Cancer cell 20 (1), 11-24, 2011
Selective chemical labeling reveals the genome-wide distribution of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine
CX Song, KE Szulwach, Y Fu, Q Dai, C Yi, X Li, Y Li, CH Chen, W Zhang, ...
Nature biotechnology 29 (1), 68-72, 2011
Base-resolution analysis of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in the mammalian genome
M Yu, GC Hon, KE Szulwach, CX Song, L Zhang, A Kim, X Li, Q Dai, ...
Cell 149 (6), 1368-1380, 2012
5-hmC–mediated epigenetic dynamics during postnatal neurodevelopment and aging
KE Szulwach, X Li, Y Li, CX Song, H Wu, Q Dai, H Irier, AK Upadhyay, ...
Nature neuroscience 14 (12), 1607-1616, 2011
The dynamic N1-methyladenosine methylome in eukaryotic messenger RNA
D Dominissini, S Nachtergaele, S Moshitch-Moshkovitz, E Peer, N Kol, ...
Nature 530 (7591), 441-446, 2016
R-2HG exhibits anti-tumor activity by targeting FTO/m6A/MYC/CEBPA signaling
R Su, L Dong, C Li, S Nachtergaele, M Wunderlich, Y Qing, X Deng, ...
Cell 172 (1-2), 90-105. e23, 2018
Genome-wide profiling of 5-formylcytosine reveals its roles in epigenetic priming
CX Song, KE Szulwach, Q Dai, Y Fu, SQ Mao, L Lin, C Street, Y Li, ...
Cell 153 (3), 678-691, 2013
Ythdc2 is an N6-methyladenosine binding protein that regulates mammalian spermatogenesis
PJ Hsu, Y Zhu, H Ma, Y Guo, X Shi, Y Liu, M Qi, Z Lu, H Shi, J Wang, ...
Cell research 27 (9), 1115-1127, 2017
N6-methyladenosine alters RNA structure to regulate binding of a low-complexity protein
N Liu, KI Zhou, M Parisien, Q Dai, L Diatchenko, T Pan
Nucleic acids research 45 (10), 6051-6063, 2017
Probing N6-methyladenosine RNA modification status at single nucleotide resolution in mRNA and long noncoding RNA
N Liu, M Parisien, Q Dai, G Zheng, C He, T Pan
Rna 19 (12), 1848-1856, 2013
Efficient and quantitative high-throughput tRNA sequencing
G Zheng, Y Qin, WC Clark, Q Dai, C Yi, C He, AM Lambowitz, T Pan
Nature methods 12 (9), 835-837, 2015
Phosphoglycerate mutase 1 coordinates glycolysis and biosynthesis to promote tumor growth
T Hitosugi, L Zhou, S Elf, J Fan, HB Kang, JH Seo, C Shan, Q Dai, ...
Cancer cell 22 (5), 585-600, 2012
RNA catalyses nuclear pre-mRNA splicing
SM Fica, N Tuttle, T Novak, NS Li, J Lu, P Koodathingal, Q Dai, JP Staley, ...
Nature 503 (7475), 229-234, 2013
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