Tilman Ahlfeld (Tilman von Strauwitz)
Tilman Ahlfeld (Tilman von Strauwitz)
Other namesTilman von Strauwitz, Tilman Ahlfeld
PhD, ZEISS Group, Corporate Research and Technology
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Development of a clay based bioink for 3D cell printing for skeletal application
T Ahlfeld, G Cidonio, D Kilian, S Duin, AR Akkineni, J Dawson, S Yang, ...
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Bioprinting of mineralized constructs utilizing multichannel plotting of a self-setting calcium phosphate cement and a cell-laden bioink
T Ahlfeld, F Doberenz, D Kilian, C Vater, P Korn, G Lauer, A Lode, ...
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A novel plasma-based bioink stimulates cell proliferation and differentiation in bioprinted, mineralized constructs
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Methylcellulose–a versatile printing material that enables biofabrication of tissue equivalents with high shape fidelity
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Investigating the effect of sterilisation methods on the physical properties and cytocompatibility of methyl cellulose used in combination with alginate for 3D-bioplotting of …
E Hodder, S Duin, D Kilian, T Ahlfeld, J Seidel, C Nachtigall, P Bush, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 30, 1-16, 2019
Green bioprinting: extrusion-based fabrication of plant cell-laden biopolymer hydrogel scaffolds
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Nanoclay-based 3D printed scaffolds promote vascular ingrowth ex vivo and generate bone mineral tissue in vitro and in vivo
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Highly concentrated alginate-gellan gum composites for 3D plotting of complex tissue engineering scaffolds
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A Methylcellulose Hydrogel as Support for 3D Plotting of Complex Shaped Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds
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3D Printing of Bone Grafts for Cleft Alveolar Osteoplasty – In vivo Evaluation in a Preclinical Model
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Three-dimensional bioprinting of volumetric tissues and organs
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Advanced Healthcare Materials 10 (10), 2002089, 2021
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