Tobias Bäumer
Tobias Bäumer
Professor für Neurologie
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Repeated premotor rTMS leads to cumulative plastic changes of motor cortex excitability in humans
T Bäumer, R Lange, J Liepert, C Weiller, HR Siebner, JC Rothwell, ...
Neuroimage 20 (1), 550-560, 2003
Magnetic stimulation of human premotor or motor cortex produces interhemispheric facilitation through distinct pathways
T Bäumer, F Bock, G Koch, R Lange, JC Rothwell, HR Siebner, ...
The Journal of Physiology 572 (3), 857-868, 2006
Abnormal excitability of premotor–motor connections in de novo Parkinson's disease
C Buhmann, A Gorsler, T Bäumer, U Hidding, C Demiralay, K Hinkelmann, ...
Brain 127 (12), 2732-2746, 2004
Structural changes in the somatosensory system correlate with tic severity in Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
G Thomalla, HR Siebner, M Jonas, T Bäumer, K Biermann-Ruben, ...
Brain 132 (3), 765-777, 2009
Motor cortex excitability and fatigue in multiple sclerosis: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study
J Liepert, D Mingers, C Heesen, T Bäumer, C Weiller
Multiple Sclerosis Journal 11 (3), 316-321, 2005
Primary focal dystonia: evidence for distinct neuropsychiatric and personality profiles
R Lencer, S Steinlechner, J Stahlberg, H Rehling, M Orth, T Baeumer, ...
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 80 (10), 1176-1179, 2009
Interhemispheric effects of high and low frequency rTMS in healthy humans
A Gorsler, T Bäumer, C Weiller, A Münchau, J Liepert
Clinical Neurophysiology 114 (10), 1800-1807, 2003
Investigating the human mirror neuron system by means of cortical synchronization during the imitation of biological movements
K Kessler, K Biermann-Ruben, M Jonas, HR Siebner, T Bäumer, ...
Neuroimage 33 (1), 227-238, 2006
The cortical motor threshold reflects microstructural properties of cerebral white matter
S Klöppel, T Bäumer, J Kroeger, MA Koch, C Büchel, A Münchau, ...
Neuroimage 40 (4), 1782-1791, 2008
Laterality of interhemispheric inhibition depends on handedness
T Bäumer, E Dammann, F Bock, S Klöppel, HR Siebner, A Münchau
Experimental Brain Research 180 (2), 195-203, 2007
Inhibitory and facilitatory connectivity from ventral premotor to primary motor cortex in healthy humans at rest–a bifocal TMS study
T Bäumer, S Schippling, J Kroeger, S Zittel, G Koch, G Thomalla, ...
Clinical Neurophysiology 120 (9), 1724-1731, 2009
Motor cortex excitability after cerebellar infarction
J Liepert, T Kucinski, O Tuscher, F Pawlas, T Baumer, C Weiller
Stroke 35 (11), 2484-2488, 2004
Do simple intransitive finger movements consistently activate frontoparietal mirror neuron areas in humans?
M Jonas, HR Siebner, K Biermann-Ruben, K Kessler, T Bäumer, C Büchel, ...
Neuroimage 36, T44-T53, 2007
The human dorsal premotor cortex facilitates the excitability of ipsilateral primary motor cortex via a short latency cortico‐cortical route
S Groppa, BH Schlaak, A Münchau, N Werner‐Petroll, J Dünnweber, ...
Human brain mapping 33 (2), 419-430, 2012
Impaired induction of long‐term potentiation‐like plasticity in patients with high‐functioning autism and Asperger syndrome
NH Jung, WG Janzarik, I Delvendahl, A Muenchau, M Biscaldi, ...
Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology 55 (1), 83-89, 2013
Peripheral nerves and plexus: imaging by MR-neurography and high-resolution ultrasound
M Pham, T Bäumer, M Bendszus
Current opinion in neurology 27 (4), 370-379, 2014
Costs of control: decreased motor cortex engagement during a Go/NoGo task in Tourette’s syndrome
G Thomalla, M Jonas, T Bäumer, HR Siebner, K Biermann-Ruben, ...
Brain 137 (1), 122-136, 2013
Abnormal plasticity of the sensorimotor cortex to slow repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in patients with writer's cramp
T Bäumer, C Demiralay, U Hidding, R Bikmullina, RC Helmich, ...
Movement disorders 22 (1), 81-90, 2007
Interhemispheric motor networks are abnormal in patients with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome
T Bäumer, G Thomalla, J Kroeger, M Jonas, C Gerloff, FC Hummel, ...
Movement Disorders 25 (16), 2828-2837, 2010
Action inhibition in Tourette syndrome
C Ganos, S Kühn, U Kahl, O Schunke, J Feldheim, C Gerloff, V Roessner, ...
Movement Disorders 29 (12), 1532-1538, 2014
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